Sam Smith Is Working On New Music

samsmithThe man with the voice of an angel is gracing you with more heavenly tunes. 

Sam Smith is at it again — recording new music that is.

After the British soul singer posted multiple pictures in the studio, anticipation came creeping upon fans. Recent Instagram photo bombs left many of his followers begging for more. Every photo sports the same teasing, info-less caption:“Recording x”

If you’re unfamiliar with Smith’s music, it’s time you hop on the bandwagon. The artist has performed all over the world, from London to New York. His rare voice is the type to replay all summer long. If that doesn’t convince you, Smith overcame a vocal cord surgery and still continues to excel. With 26 awards from shows like the Grammy’s and Billboard Music, Smith is on fire. Songs like “Stay With Me,” “La La La,” and “Latch” are a few of his best. For a better look at the artist, listen to his multiple-award-winning album In the Lonely Hour.

As the talented singer continues to blow people away, stay tuned to see what Smith has in store. Though the details are little to none, his upcoming music is sure to be iconic.

Instagram/ Photo: @samsmithworld

Twitter: @samsmithworld