Robin Wright: Another Amazon Warrior


For those of you who have seen the record-breaking film, Wonder Woman, you know that it was absolutely incredible. Gal Gadot killed it as Wonder Woman, the feminist icon, cemented in comic book history for nearly 70 years. On that note, there were some pretty badass characters in the movie that are definitely worth mentioning — particularly Robin Wright’s General Antiope.

You probably know Wright as the menacing and manipulative Claire Underwood from House of Cards, but she’s also fondly remembered as Buttercup from The Princess Bride (1987). And yet, in Wonder Women, Wright doesn’t play a princess — she plays a warrior. Although she doesn’t play a huge role in the movie, she’s gained quite the fan following for her portrayal as a powerful Amazon who teaches Wonder Woman how to fight.

General Antiope is also slated to appear in Justice League, so expect to see her fight whatever’s in her way in the next film.

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