Check Out Stella Hudgens’ Collab With Boohoo


The perfect summer collection is here! Stella Hudgens recently announced the drop of her collaboration with affordable and super cute Boohoo USA. The collection consists of adorable gingham two-piece sets, floral patterns, and velvet pieces that say “Hello, Summer!”

In a featured video for the collaboration, Stella roams around in the sun wearing  flattering bathing suits, crocheted dresses, off-the-shoulder shirts, and a “Heartbreaker” leather jacket. All of these pieces look not only super flirty and fun, but also extremely comfortable for the summer heat everyone is currently waiting on.

Whether you’re a self-identifying “Grunge-Girl” or looking to be a Boohoo USA “Mademoiselle” this summer, make sure you check out Stella’s collection here!

And to see more of Boohoo’s and Stella’s styles, follow their social media accounts!

Instagram: @stellahudgens /@boohooUSA

Twitter:@stellahuudgens / @boohooUSA

Photo: Instagram/ @stellahudgens