Soylent: The Drink For People On The Go

Running late but need something to fill you up? Soylent is the drink for you. This yummy beverage will be your go-to meal replacement. Unlike other food substitutes, Soylent will supply you with 20% of the nutrients you need everyday. Composed of vitamins, minerals, and more, healthy has never been so easy.

Forget about stopping at McDonald’s for a cheap meal- Soylent is affordable too. The 14 oz. bottle costs under $3 with some mouth watering flavors: Original, Nectar, and Cacao. The jaw-dropping drink ships in packs containing 12 to 144 bottles; the choice is yours. This vegan wonder is going to change your life.

For those who need caffeine, Soylent’s product Coffiest is the best. With only 400 calories, each
is a veggie-based product. The trick? Coffiest is composed of enough caffeine to wake you up the same way a huge cup of coffee would. Additionally, the company offers food bars perfect as snacks. Soylent’s famous powdered food is another must- try; it comes with a scooper and pitcher. Easily mixed with water, this formula’s intent is to keep you satisfied without food on your mind.

If you haven’t tried any of these awesome products yet, you’re missing out. There aren’t enough hours in the day for most of us; Soylent is here to help.

Twitter/ Photo: @Soylent