Halsey and Lauren Jauregui Release “Strangers”

18646299_251239728614071_4946853167284355072_nFifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui and singer Halsey recently released “Strangers” from Halsey’s forthcoming album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.

The song may be a first to be about same-sex love, and has gained immense praise from the LGBT community. Not only do the two singers swoon about heartbreak, singing “She doesn’t look me in the eyes anymore/ Too scared of what she’ll see, somebody holding me”. In an interview with Elle Magazine, Jauregui said:

“We’re making art, and we’re making stuff we believe in. If people buy it, that’s great, but we don’t do it for the commodity purpose of it. We want to just make music that impacts people—we don’t really care about the rest.”

The two are not only gaining praise from several other artists who are part of the LGBT community (including “Same Love’s” Mary Lambert), but they are touching unknown terrain that hasn’t really had any representation in the past.

We can’t express how awesome it is for these two singers, who came out as bisexual in the past years, use their talents to spread awareness of LGBT representation.

Instagram/Photo: @iamhalsey

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