Sydney Park Is A Phenomenal Woman


Phenomenal for women’s rights!Sydney Park was officially added to Omaze’s community of “Phenomenal Women!” Wednesday, May 31.

Omaze is an organization that offers unique opportunities, as well as awesome merchandise, for the benefit of nonprofits around the globe. Some of their exclusive experiences include getting to meet Gordon Ramsey, spending lunch by the Malibu beach with Orlando Bloom, or being Gwyneth Paltrow’s VIP at an event! And it’s all for a good cause! Cool, right?

Sydney Park is proudly sporting Omaze’s “Phenomenal Woman” shirt which was created by Meena Harris and inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem “Phenomenal Woman.” Proceeds from the shirt’s sale are donated to women’s rights organizations such as the Planned Parenthood Education Fund, Essie Justice Group, Girls Who Code, and The United State of Women. This shirt is not just a favorite of Sydney’s, but also of other female celebrities such as Ciara and America Ferrera!

This shirt makes a bold statement, and for a bold cause! Wear it tucked into a leather skirt and underneath a blazer for a hip, night-out look or with a pair of boyfriend jeans for running errands.

Check out Omaze’s website. And make sure to see Sydney Park’s new film, Wish Upon, coming to theaters July 14!

Instagram : @heysydneypark and @omazeworld

Twitter: @iamsydneypark and @omaze

Photo: Instagram/Sydney Park