Girls Night With Reese Witherspoon And Laura Dern


Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, and a Unicorn! Oh My!Reese Witherspoon shared a sassy picture with her Instagram following Wednesday of her and co-star of Big Little Lies, Laura Dern hanging by what seems to be the poolside after dark. The caption reads, “Wild women: Wild nights #girlsnight.”

Laura Dern also posted a variation of the photo with the caption, “Wild women at night.”

What were these two up to?! If you’ve seen HBO’s recently ended season of Big Little Lies, you’re familiar with their on-camera feud. The show ended (no worries, no big spoilers!) with all of the female characters, despite their differences and drama, coming together as almost a big happy family. Big Little Lies celebrates the importance of female-female companionship, as we really are all in this together.

Wild women, strong women, outspoken women — everyone is loving the sisterhood of the Big Little Lies cast. Let this inspire you to have your own #GirlsNight! Get together with some close friends or even some new acquaintances; have fun, share your stories, and make each other feel respected and safe. Oh, and invite the Unicorn too!

Instagram : @lauradern and @reesewitherspoon

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Photo: Instagram/ Reese Witherspoon