CHARLI XCX Comes to New York City


Welcome to NYC, Charli! According to her Instagram, Charli XCX arrived in New York City from London around midnight June 1! She’ll be playing The Governors Ball Music Festival this Friday, as well as Zane Lowe’s Gov Ball after-party the next night!

Since her arrival, Charli XCX has been on an Instagram rampage, posting photos of her fresh, off-the-plane outfit: a high ponytail, black skinny jeans, white sneaks, and an off the shoulder crop-top!

Just hours later, she shared with her fans that she is “shooting something v special” during her stay in New York. What could it be? A new music video, perhaps?

Whatever it is, Charli XCX looks absolutely stunning and cool as always. Everyone is super pumped for her upcoming performances, as well as this new “special” surprise.

Enjoy your stay in New York, Charli XCX!

Photo/ Instagram: @charli_xcx

Twitter: @charli_xcx