Sarah Tyau Takes Recycling to Another Level

2017-05-30 (1)

Just when vintage clothing is starting to come back

Because who needs new clothes, when you can just revamp your old clothes.

Recycling clothing has always been a fun thing to do in some people’s past-time or a fun way to bring your own personal touch on clothing. But, mom of three, Sarah Tyau, has become an internet sensation after sharing her creative way of adding fashion to her family.

Whether it be old or over-sized, this mom can turn it into a fashionable outfit. She creates dresses out of oversized coats, purses from leather jackets, even wedding dresses into the perfect summer dress.

And the mom doesn’t keep her talent to herself. She shares her projects with followers on her YouTube channel (SarahTyau). So you too can take your chance at refurbishing clothing by watching her videos.

Her website also holds multiple tips and tricks to getting certain tasks just right for the perfect creation. Also, you get the chance to buy some of her beautiful creations for yourself, if you’re like me and can’t work a sewing machine to save your life, but still want that vintage look.

So go and repair that old dress you wore as a kid and turn it into your new favorite tee with the help of Tyau. You’ll be the hit of the town.

Instagram: @sarahtyau