Noah Cyrus Releases New Single


It looks like Noah Cyrus is following her older sister’s footsteps, as she’s been making herself known as the new up and coming star in the music industry.

Don’t mistake her for the other Cyrus star though. Although music may run in the family, Noah has a distinctly different sound and image. Her debut single, “Make Me Cry” was an undeniable hit. Her rich, husky vocals, and uncanny ability to blend country, pop, and a little bit of R&B into her own genre of music is what’s truly going to catapult her into fame. Noah also recently released her new single, “I’m Stuck”, and her musical talents are more evident than ever.

But what’s even more inspiring is the healthy relationship she has with her sister. While jealously could most definitely run in such a musically oriented family, Miley and Noah seem to be incredibly supportive of each other’s respective music endeavor.

Make sure to listen to Noah’s new single “I’m Stuck”, as it’s sure to be a summer hit!

Instagram/Photo: @noahcyrus

Twitter: @noahcyrus