Maisie Williams Casted in New X-MEN Movie


Maisie Williams has been seriously killing the acting game since she’s been playing the awesome Stark sister we’ve always loved and adored.

Not only that, but she seems to be one of those actresses who really seems like the character she’s playing: a little bit quirky, a little bit goofy, but all the more badass.

It comes as no surprise that she will be playing another fiery character within the next year. According to Hollywood Reporter, Williams recently joined the cast of New Mutants, an X-Men series spin-off. What’s even more exciting? She will be playing a character by the name of Wolfsbane, a Scottish mutant who can turn into a fiery wolf but feels conflicted about her abilities due to her religious beliefs.

The film itself was green-lit earlier this year, and it seems that it will be released in spring 2018. We can’t wait to see where Williams’ new project is headed, especially since her days as Arya Stark are coming to a close.

Instagram/Photo: @maisie_williams

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