Colton Haynes Got Engaged–Again!


It looks like Colton Haynes has been lucky enough to be engaged—twice!

He recently took to Instagram to announce his second proposal to fiancé, Jeff Leatham.

Leatham had previously proposed to Haynes back in March with a heartfelt, and to say the least, grand, gesture. With fireworks in the background, and Cher leading in the proposal with her famous “I Got You Babe”, Haynes said yes. His Instagram post read, “the most special night of my life”.


Well, Haynes returned the favor and proposed right back to his fiancé.  Leatham shared an adorable picture of the two happily in love last weekend. He wrote, “Not a bad day when you FIND your engagement ring in a glass vintage #domperignon and of course with Cher’s, “I Got You Babe” playing in the background,”.

Instagram/Photo: @coltonhaynes and @jeffleatham

Twitter: @ColtonLHaynes