Channing Tatum Releases The Perfect Father’s Day Gift


Channing Tatum is a man of many talents; he’s good looking, talented, and now a business man. The actor announced his project, Born and Bred, on social media to spread the word. Tatum posted a black and white photo of himself with a full blown smile; a Born and Bred vodka bottle sits in front of him.

In his Instagram caption he described the hard work he’s put into the company. He even gave you the perfect reason to buy his product. He stated, “At Born and Bred, we believe that fathers are inherent storytellers. They take legends, lessons and myths and pass them down to their children... We set out to create a gift that symbolizes the spirit of the fatherly stories we love. I’m excited to share it with you now and let Born and Bred help dads everywhere tell their tale”. No more stressful holidays- his creation makes the perfect Father’s Day gift for almost any dad.

The American craft vodka has been in preparation for awhile; Tatum and his team are finally ready to release the product. If you haven’t purchased a Born and Bred bottle do it soon- there’s only a limited amount of this one of a kind present. Check out Tatum’s Instagram for the link to this awesome gift and more information.

Instagram/ Photo: @ChanningTatum