The Coolest Silicone Makeup Sponge


Are Beauty Blenders really out?! Get Into The Limelight has the cutest silicone sponges for makeup application you could ever imagine! They’re covered in glitter and are shaped like little slices of fruit. These sweet little things are called “Silislice.”

Of course, since the trend of the first ever silicone sponge, there’s been debate about which is the best way to get full, yet blended coverage: beauty blender, silicone, or brush? While the beauty blender creates a flawless finish, they’re a pain to clean and also waste a lot of product. Silicone sponges are said to save that product, saving you money and cleaning!

Whether you’re a die-hard beauty blender addict, a newbie at working the silicone applicator, or you swear by the traditional puffy brush, you’ll appreciate the cuteness of these Silislices! Buy one here and make sure to check out their videos on Instagram!

Instagram : @getintothelimelight