Miley Cyrus Performs New Song


Miley Cyrus has been a favorite lately. Maybe it’s the fact that she seems to have retired from her “Wrecking Ball” days, or maybe it’s the fact that she seems to have entered a healthier stage in her life. Either way, it’s definitely working for her, as she’s been incredibly busy with promotions for her new single and forthcoming album. As if fans don’t love “Malibu” enough, Cyrus recently performed a new song on the Today Show called “Inspired.”She took to Instagram to explain her intentions behind the song.

According to Cyrus, she “wrote this song for a few days before going out to campaign for Hillary Clinton, and was inspired by the stories she told about the relationship she had with her hard working father…which always reminded [her] of the valuable lessons [her] dad taught.” She then went on to explain that this song was a “vision of unity”, and for everyone to feel inspired. Make sure to check out her performance below.

We seriously cannot wait for her new record to come out this year!


Twitter: @MileyCyrus