Use WayUp to Get Internships and Jobs


WayUp is a super cool job search website and app specifically for college aged students! By uploading your resume and filling out some registration questions, WayUp matches you with relevant careers and internships in your area!

Finding a job or internship as a college student or even as a recent graduate can be quite difficult; you’ve probably heard, “College degrees are the new high school diplomas,” before. Sites like LinkedIn and Indeed can be super helpful, however for young, inexperienced workers, it can be difficult to actually get started in the workplace as these sites are intended for those with preexisting experience. WayUp is completely different in that it is solely for young workers! With daily email job updates from your “Job Matchmaker,” available tips for interviews and resume structuring, and a huge array of job opportunities, WayUp is something worth checking out! Not to mention, their Instagram is pretty entertaining with memes about the struggles of employment. WayUp truly makes job searching easier, personalized, and fun!

Make sure to check out their website and follow on Instagram to start being a lady boss today!


Instgram: @wayup

Check Out Their Website!