How to Wash Curly Hair in Under Ten Minutes


When it comes to curly hair, it takes forever to do. From the detangling to the masks to the moisturizer and styling products. In our high paced world, there is just not enough time especially in the weekday. However, it is important not to skip these steps and continue the regimen to sustain nice, healthy curly hair.

In the video by All Things Ada, Ada pairs up with Pantene to provide tips on how to wash hair in under ten minutes for the days when you need to wash your hair because it is dry or has too much product. She starts off by separating her into four sections and applying conditioner first before washing to lock in moisture. Then in the shower, she adds in some water to untangle the hair and continuously adds in water to the hair in order to make the detangling process easier. After wards, she shampoos (make sure that this shampoo is sulfate free to help lock in moisture).


Moisture has been a huge word for this post, but isn’t it for all curly hair girls? You can click on the link below to watch the video and get more tips on way to wash your hair that would make the process easier and faster. The video is a little older, but definitely still a goodie that has helpful information!

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