How to Wear a Graduation Cap for Naturals

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Its graduation season, one of the greatest accomplishments, and the number one question for naturals is how the heck am I going to get this graduation cap on? Graduation caps are not made for naturally thick and curly hair as most caps aren’t, but graduates should not have to compromise their natural hair texture to wear their graduation cap. There has to be a way where both can coexist. Thanks to Chizi Duru, a beauty blogger, naturally curly-haired girls have found the answer. Wear a graduation cap without compromise by making the graduation cap into a head band using a black headband and tape.

Watch the tutorial below:

This method has and will help many naturally curly-haired girls in the future. While the world is not made for certain individuals, creativity must persist so that individuals can make the world accessible to them. Chizi’s trick creates a world where someone can wear their natural hair with their graduate cap at the same time and the community is so grateful!

The best part about this method is that it does not create frizz or flat curls no matter how long graduation is, just remember to get a headband that does not have teeth that grabs on to your hair because it will make it frizzy and possibly give it knots.

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