Mandy Moore: Still a Babe


Mandy Moore looks stunning as ever in her latest Instagram post.

She is literally standing against a hotel wall, and yet the actress still turns heads!

Remember the days she released her hit single “Candy” AKA the 90’s anthem for all little preteens? And of course, we will never forget when she played the stereotypical mean girl in The Princess Diaries.

She’s been killing it in the acting industry with her show, This Is Us. Playing the matriarch of three siblings and the wife of Milo Ventimiglia, she’s been consecutively bringing the audience to tears because of her awesome performance. We can’t wait to see the next upcoming season. Her new summer thriller, 47 Meters, is also due to be out in June! Who says you can’t be at your best or look that amazing at 33? Mandy is living proof that beauty and talent, inside and out, never stops at a certain age.

Instagram/Photo: @mandymooremm

Twitter: @TheMandyMoore