Obama Names 3 Civil Rights Monuments to Honor The Civil Rights Movement


We the people have always stood up for justice and these monuments will protect these historic American landmarks for you and the future generations.

Obama has named three monuments to honor the civil rights movement. The first monument is the Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument, protecting the A.G Gaston Motel in Birmingham, Alabama where it was once one of the headquarters for Martin Luther King Jr. The second monument, The Freedom Riders National Monument, is located in Anniston, Alabama, and protects the Greyhound bus station, where the Freedom Rider’s bus was attacked in 1961. The last protected monument is the Reconstruction Era Nation Monument,  located along the coast of South Carolina with four sites throughout Beaufort County. The Four sites are the: Brick Baptist Church and Darrah Hall at the Penn Center, the Old Firehouse in downtown Beaufort and parts of the Camp Saxton in Port Royal. You should feel proud to be an American, as these national monuments have brought awareness to the Civil Rights Movement. Read more about the Civil Rights Monuments.

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