All About Face with Gabriel Cosmetics

We absolutely LOVE Gabriel Cosmetics! When your skin is super sensitive, like mine is, you will try anything, and I mean anything to make sure your skin doesn’t break out. Gabriel Cosmetics is all organic so you don’t need to worry about your skin breaking out. In fact, it’ll help clear your skin. That’s a win-win in our books. Not only is it cute, but it helps improve your skin! Today, we’re sharing some of our favorites with you!

First up, make sure you try their White Seaweed Calming Cleanser. It’s $22.50 and can be found both in stores and online. The seaweed helps exfoliate your skin without scrubbing layers of skin off of your face. It also helps restore your skin’s pH balance.


Next up, make sure you moisturize your lips with their gluten-free, moisture lip gloss, Gabriel Lip Gloss. It adds a bit of sheer color without going on all cake-like. It costs $16.75 and can be found in stores and on their website. Our favorite color is Ambrosia, a rose gold shimmer lip gloss, which adds a tint of color to our lips. You can wear it alone or over their Gabriel lipstick.


If you’re a traveler, like we are, make sure to grab their About Face Collection, which contains  a dual powder foundation, multi pot, and mascara. Perfect for the woman on the go! It can be found in stores like Target and Whole Foods, or online.



The bottom line is you can’t go wrong with any of the Gabriel Cosmetic products. Go ahead and try them! We know you won’t be disappointed!