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JUNE 1 Winner: r5er.and.rosser for her post:

JUNE 2 Winner: lalarendz for her post:



JUNE 3 Winner: blueisbaeee for her post:



JUNE 4 Winner: _alondra_r5_ for her post:



JUNE 5 Winner: ross_like_a_boss for her post:



JUNE 6 Winner: artistforeternity for her post:


Honestly I’ve had a hard time with self love because of my disability but, I’ve realized that it shouldn’t matter. What self love means to me is that you should be able to love who you are and enjoy who you are. If people don’t like who you are well they don’t deserve to have you in their lives. I always thought being visually impaired was a set back but it’s not it’s just a difference. People still like me, I still have friends, they don’t care that I’m disabled. When I tell people my life story they’re all so interested and they ask a lot of questions. It makes me happy to know that people want to know more. My vision was caused by my premature birth, I was born 1lb and 6oz I was able to fit in the palm of someones hand. The blood cells in my eyes were growing at rapid rate because of my lack of development. The retna in my right eye detachted and the one in my left eye almost did but, the doctors were able to save my left eye by putting a plastic piece to hold it in place. I’ve had many surgies and other near death experiences (aka seziures and getting stung by a bee) but I’ve learned that you have to live life to the fullest. You can’t spend your life hating on yourself because you’re not “pretty”. Being pretty means nothing if you don’t have a positive outlook on life and you’re nice to yourself and others ect. I wanted to share this because I enjoy myself and I’m gonna let my vision stop me from doing what I love. That’s what self love means to me. I also wanted to thank @rydelr5 especially because she’s tought me a lot about self love, i love this girl so much that I even qouted her in my yearbook! If you made it this far then thanks. #dearglitter #selflove #selflovecampaign #glittermagazine #selfie #rydel #rydellynch #rydellington #loveyourself #beautyisintheeyeofthebeholder #magazine @glittermagazine @rydelr5 @stormielynchr5 @glitterselflovecampaign @zoefowler28 A photo posted by Taylor (@artistforeternity) on


JUNE 7 Winner: ddialoverofr5 for her post:


Dear @glittermagazine, This is me. Accept it or don’t either way I don’t care. This is who I am and you can’t change it. Be who you want to be. Make your dreams a reality. I think I look at my happiest I have decided to accept and love myself for who I am. Not my looks not my body shape or size but me. The real me. Spread the word about #selflove ❤️ love you for you what self love means is knowing you are beautiful in every way. To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. I love you Roses are red❤️ Violets are blue Everyday is a new chance, For you to be you With twinkling stars,✨ May you be what you love, And love who you are Love or be loved #selflove #selflovecampaign #glittermagazine #glittermagazinecampaign #rydellynch #loveyourself #beyou @glitterselflovecampaign @glittermagazine @rydelr5 @stormielynchr5 @officialr5 @nikkifowler28 @zoefowler28 Tag RYDEL please @rydelr5

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JUNE 8 Winner: cutieloverauslly for her post:


What self love means to me is making funny faces, laughing your most weirdest laugh, eating in the most disgusting and unmannered way, dancing like no one’s watching, singing as loud as you can when no one’s home—or when someone IS home, embracing your flaws, expressing your emotions in your aspirations or hobbies, taking embarrassing selfies in public and not being…..well, embarrassed, and just being yourself!! No matter how much makeup you put on—or how little—you will always be beautiful. You’re allowed to feel puny, but just know you’re not. You have as much power as the mythical Zeus, who rules over the world. That power is in you. You just gotta find it. That power is called self love. How to get self love? It’s a tough road, but no one says you can never get there at some point. I’d say that step one is just to do what you do and accept it. @glittermagazine #selflove #rydellynch #r5 #r5family @glitterselflovecampaign @rydelr5 #rydelryl #rockyourlife #selflovecampaign #dearglitter A photo posted by SUMMER!!!! (@cutieloverauslly) on


JUNE 9 Winner: jonesjaide for her post:


#dearglitter #selflovecampaign #selflove @glitterselflovecampain. Some people never know beauty is skin deep, some people never realise a smile can touch a heart. I never thought i was beautiful before i always hated the way i look because i would get called names kids told me i look like a mokey or i was the most ugliest girl in school, and yea what they told me did hurt my feelings and made me want to change everything about me. But i realized thats what they want they want to make me feel wrak usless and ugly. But i realized they see with ugly eyes that they cat see true beauty they like body bashing on everyone to make them feel weak. Really you are truly beautiful inside AND out you dont need makeup to cover your whole skin because as u do that your covering your true beauty. Its time we take off our make up and reaveal the gorguse person that hides behind that coat you are beautiful no matter what they say words cant bring you down and not today nor tomorrow just show yourself love and respect your body #selflove

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JUNE 10 Winner: off1cialr5 for her post:


“I’ve always been the kind of girl who hid her face but this is real and this is me and I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be now” – @ddlovato Self love is so important to me. These song lyrics describe everything. I was this shy girl who many people disliked and bullied. No one knew about my situation and and tried my best to keep it that way. I learnt to keep a smile on my face so no one would know how upset I was. With the help of @glittermagazine @rydelr5 they taught me that you should love yourself for who you are and not let anyone else’s thoughts about you bring you down. Now, I always have a smile on my face that I don’t force and friends who I know care for me and love me. { @zoefowler28 liked} #dearglitter #selflove #glittermagazine #selflovecampaign A photo posted by Brielle (@off1cialr5) on


JUNE 11 Winner: @RydellQueen for her post:


JUNE 12 Winner: haileylynchr5 for her post:

#DearGlitter, I was bullied as a little girl. The first day of preschool was hell. There were 2 girls who were alot older than me. They would hit me and call me names and push me into lockers. Elementary school was worse. Kids would push me down the school stairs and throw gum and rocks at me. Middle school isn’t great either. People always push me and slap me in the face and all of this bullying and abuse made me very depressed and I was anorexic at one point of time. I lost 100 pounds and was forced to get my weight back up. But then, my dad passed away 3 days before my birthday. I haven’t had a dad for 2 years and it will never be the same. But then I found @officialr5 and @lauramarano . They made me realize how amazing and beautiful I am inside and out. So, self love. What does it mean to me? Self love means to except and love yourself. It means to understand how perfect you are, no matter your size or shape. It means to be confident in you, your body, your personality, etc. It means to be the best person you can be. It means that no matter what you look like or how often you get hurt or bullied, you are absolutely perfect in every single way. #GlitterMagazine #selflovecampaign #girlswhorock #selflove @rydelr5 and I want to give a big thank you to @glittermagazine for letting me share my story. (RYDEL COMMENTED) *NEVER DELETING*

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JUNE 13 Winner: dellys__unicorn for her post:



JUNE 14 Winner: therynation for her post:


#dearglitter @glittermagazine – Self love means to be yourself. It doesn’t matter on what you look like or if you’re listening to the right music. You shouldn’t be ashamed of your inner beauty, because you are beautiful both inside and out. Nobody is here to judge you ❤️ self love to me, says that you are proud to be who you are today. That you don’t care about what other have to say. I would like to say that all of my follower are beautiful in every way, and so is everyone else out there ❤️ In this photo I am wearing half a face of makeup and half with none. Showing that you don’t need a mask, you don’t need to hide anything (pimples, scars, ect.) You are beautiful the way you are❤️ thank you #selflovecampaign #selflove #glittermagazine

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JUNE 15 Winner: rydel_is_a_unicorn for her post:


JUNE 16 Winner:  r5_rocks_our_hearts for her post:



JUNE 17 Winner: rockyxr5 for her post:


  What #selflove means to me is that it means you love yourself and should be happy within yourself. It is being yourself and not letting anything or anyone else think otherwise. It is about being a better person and that everyone is equal. It is about being the best person you can be and not letting anyone else stop you and not letting anyone ever bring you down for you being yourself. It is about being the strongest person you can be. I have struggled a bit with the way I look and I have been insecure about myself and now I feel so much better about myself because I have learnt to love myself no matter what. I’ve had lots of struggles with my weight and I have had a great group of friends to help me through it and think positive! I think being confident about yourself makes you feel so much better as a person and so much more happy about yourself. Self confidence and self love are so important for a person because it is the way you view yourself and you should be happy with yourself and having self confidence and loving yourself is so so so important. Rydel has been such a big role model to me over the past 2 years and I appreciate everything she does to make me smile ☺️ @glitterselflovecampaign #dearglitter #selflovecampaign #glittermagazine #rydel #rydellynch @rydelr5 @zoefowler28 @glittermagazine   A photo posted by ✨em uh lee✨ (@rockyxr5) on

JUNE 18 Winner: r5bestfanpages for her post:


JUNE 19 Winner: r5sexiness for her post:


JUNE 20 Winner: volleytracknastics2 for her post:


#self love means you love your self for who you are! You don’t care what anyone thinks of you! You love yourself for who you are anyway and every way! Stay true to yourself! When someone is bullying you like saying mean words or telling you things that aren’t true or making fun or the way you act or how you dress or etc!! Self love is when you don’t care what people or anyone thinks of you! Your not afraid to be your self around anyone or change just to be in the popular group or to have a friend! You are not afraid to stand out or be different or be silly or be yourself anywhere and in every way! Love yourself for who you are is selflove to where no one can change that! Self love means love yourself and be different and stay true to yourself no matter what and I am different and silly and weird and unique and I stay true to my self! I love R5 and Laura Marano and some people don’t but I don’t care! Stay true to yourself because that’s self love #dearglitter #selflovecampaign #selflove #glittermagazine @glitterselflovecampaign @glitterselflove   A photo posted by Emma Armstrong (@volleytracknastics2) on


JUNE 21 Winner:  for her post:






JUNE 22 Winner: keepawayx for her post:


For me #SelfLove means what do you think about yourself, no matter what the others says, if you’re happy being who you are and doing what you do (like me and my weird face), that’s all, that’s what makes you happy and if you’re happy anything else matters. Some people usually discriminates against you for the way you look or the way you think only to feel better with themselves. I’d like to live in a world where everyone can be who they’re without the fear of being discriminated and i think that the first step to this is accepting others just how they’re and more important accepting yourself exactly how you’re! Rydel is a clear example of self-acceptance and self-love, she’s sure about herself and also treats everyone with so much love and that’s what she gets back to her, LOVE! @Glittermagazine @rydelr5 #dearglitter #selflovecampaign @glitterselflovecampaign

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JUNE 23 Winner: cakerydel for her post:


#DearGlitter I suffer bullying because of the way I am. I suffer bullying by like things that nobody likes. Everyone thinks that why they like, I should like. But I’m not like that. Two weeks ago, a girl tried to humiliate me in school and began bullying by Instagram. What motivated me to continue, were the smiles of my idols, my friends and my mother. Without them I would not be here. #SelfLove To me means to love. It gives warmth itself. Be different and not be something you do not you are not. It is like the things that you think suits you, and not by what others like. It’s your life. For me, it taught me to value myself, to like who I really am. Be creative, loved and be loved for who I am. Rydel Thanks for teaching me that every girl has their own style @glittermagazine @rydelr5 #glittermagazine #selflovecampaign Tag them please ♥ A photo posted by Rydel (@cakerydel) on



JUNE 24 Winner: yourluveslike for her post:


– #selflove ; what does self love means to me? that means accept who I am. we need to accept us like we are because we’re all unique, beautiful. the inside beauty is the prettiest beauty ever. I mean you should don’t give a shit on people who only wanna drag you down they’re not worth it. you know who you are, or you know your qualities, you know your defaults. all these little things make us, make who we are. we’re all here for something. our roles models (mine tagged) are here and love all of us equaly, you know why? because they like the first thing they see in us: our love and support we bring for them. we save them, they save us. everyday there will be someone who wants do make you don’t hate you, but you must don’t care and be happy with the persons who love you. and I love you more than anything. #dearglitter #glitterselflovecampaign #selflove @glitterselflovecampaign @glittermagazine { @sabrinacarpenter @courteaton @rydelr5 @rowanblanchard }

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JUNE 25 Winner: emmaroser5 for her post:




JUNE 26 Winner: r5123_is_my_lifexx for her post:


#dearglitter I always have been bullied because of my weight. People were laughing at me because I wasn’t like them: Skinny, popular and beautiful. But after a long time I started thinking different about myself. LOVE SELF means that you only live once! You have to love yourself no matter what people say and you always have To SMILE because that is YOUR BEST ARM. You have to IGNORE PEOPLE and BE HAPPY because every person is different, You have your OWN STYLE just like @rydelr5 ENJOY LIFE AND BE HAPPY ❤️❤️ @glittermagazine Thank you for making this❤️ this is THE BEST WAY TO SHARE HISTORIES AND LEARN TO LOVE OURSELVES❤ #selflovecampaign #selflove #glittermagazine PLEASE TAG GLITTER MAGAZINE

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JUNE 27 Winner: @suseaveiro for her post:




JUNE 28 Winner:   for her post:



JUNE 29 Winner: sugilynchratliff for her post:


#selflove means that you should always be yourself and never forget who you are . love yourself the way you are ! You never wanna compare to others ! You’re unique , and youre not ugly and no one is ugly! Many denigrate others because of the color of their skin . no matter the color of your skin , but also the way you behave , or within such ! Many others say that i’m ugly . for example, they have said to me many times that I’m ugly, but I ‘m not interested because I love myself, and my style ! I accept myself and nothing is better. Rydel has inspired me because she never cares about the other they say that she’s ugly , how she looks , or how she dress . Glitter magazine always helps winning off any trouble, pain that results when a person or denigrate it yourself . I am thankful for you ! And I learn from Glittermagazine, that dreams come true. Thank you so much for these inspirations! Love you @glittermagazine @glitterselflovecampaign @rydelr5 @zoefowler28 #dearglitter #selflove #selflovecampaign #glittermagazine A photo posted by Napsugar (@sugilynchratliff) on



JUNE 30 Winner: strikesrydel for her post:


#SelfLove for me means love, respect and have confidence in yourself. We are all equal and we all deserve to be happy as we are without being judged, the only thing that really matters is what we feel and how we are with others. We can not love others without first loving ourselves, and that’s something I’m learning every day. I’m an insecure girl and Rydel helped me a lot in how to be myself and love myself for who I am. She is a great inspiration for me, because she is happy being herself, and i’m so lucky that i found her. I hope that all people of the world have confidence in themselves. We are all beautiful, unique and deserve love and respect. Thanks for this campaign, hope that helps. #dearglitter #selflovecampaign #selflove #glittermagazine @glitterselflovecampaign

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