Dan + Shay On “The Alli Simpson Show”

12599293_1036190826450461_1725358576_nIf you missed Dan + Shay on “The Alli Simpson Show,” this is your chance to take a listen!

Last Friday, Dan + Shay stopped by Radio Disney for an interview with Alli Simpson on “The Alli Simpson Show!” Alli talked to the music duo about how they met when Dan was living in a tent in Nashville and you can listen to the clip below!

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Alli:  “I would love to know the story of how your guys met”

Dan “We actually met at a house party and I was living in a tent in Nashville. Times were tough, they were tough. I moved there with no money, and stole my brothers guitar…he actually doesn’t know that so we can’t tell him.”
Shay “He borrowed it…He borrowed it and never gave it back…”
Dan “I just threw it in the back of my car. So I moved there and there was no heat, it was like a really, really bad situation so we went to a thrift store down the street and bought $6 worth of sheets and made a tent in the living room…this completely doesn’t have anything to do with the story…but that is where we met, we met in this tent. That is how we kept the heat and it was was good vibe.”
Shay “It was a nice place thought because they made the best out of it yanno, I walked in there for the first time and it was like walking into Narnia. It was a whole new world..

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