Bringing #SelfLoveCampaign© to NBC 24

unknownIt was so exciting to appear on NBC 24 with my mom and cofounder, Nikki Fowler! Check out our footage below! Loved this crew!  To see what you can do to be a part, CLICK here: #SELFLOVE! #selflove, #dearglitter, #glittermagazine, #selflovecampaign

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Official Celebrity #SelfLoveCampaign© Video for Glitter Magazine

Glitter’s Celebrity #SelfLoveCampaign© promotes self-esteem and body image and has gone viral with over 100 MILLION impressions. Glitter started the #SelfLoveCampaign© with 100’s of our celebrity friends in February 2015 and self-empowerment is now on trend.