Glitter Team Work on Location on the East Coast


From left to right: Michael Livsey, Debra Bailey, Dominique Aro, Zoe Fowler, Quentin Fears, Brianna Lewis and our models of course, decked out in robes.


Loved this crew! We got some amazing shots and an awesome editorial spread for one of our past summer editions shot in NJ! Check it out below. For more of my features, click HERE. Follow me on twitter and instagram @zoefowler28 and stay tuned for more! You can also follow my adventures with my mom using #GlitterGirlsWillTravel on any social network. Comment what you think below and talk soon! xoxo Zoë Fowler


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Behind The Scenes Zoë Fowler for Glitter Magazine

Take a peak into the world of our co-founder Zoë Fowler at her exclusive shoot for our Spring issue! Follow her @ZoeFowler28 on social media!