Handmade Accessory Gifts

LB7_907636bb-0ff5-407c-be4b-550353f8d063One-of-a-kind woven bags that will blow you away. Precious Hands works closely with artisans in Guatemala to help design, produce, market and sell their handmade goods. This beautiful hand embroidered bag was originally a part of a Mayan woman’s traditional blouse known as a huipil (wepeel). The colors, weaves, and design represent the woman’s personality and the village she is from. Each huipil is a work of art and can take months to complete. It’s a beautiful story to tell as you gift the bag but an even more beautiful accessory to keep forever. Know someone who would appreciate true artisan gifts? Visit The Little Market, a fair-trade shop founded by Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvaria

Photo: The Little Market