Decorating Your Dorm or Small Apartment


Need some ideas to decorate a smaller living space for the holidays? There are tons of things you can do to make your dorm or apartment look super festive. Check out Pinterest to find several ideas to make your space look festive. Pinterest provided tips, tricks, and ideas to make your living space unique. It provides ideas that don’t require much money while still maintaining good quality. One idea was to not have a tree. A tree in a small space takes up a lot of room and the tree can be substituted with centerpiece decorations. Also, use items that are not holiday themed, but that have holiday colors or holiday resemblance. This is great because the items you use can be used more than one time a year. Another idea was to use candle lights. Candle lights are a very good holiday decorations, especially using candles that have a warm scent and neutral look. Check out Pinterest to check out all their other ideas to decorate your place.

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Photo: Pinterest