The Holiday Gift That Will Recharge Your Holiday Spirit!


a53f7653cd23571d0e76fee0cc362d33Problem: Your busy-bee bestie loves holiday season décor but has no time in her packed schedule to decorate! Solution: American Eagle’s Holiday Light Phone Charger!Every stressed out school girl needs some time to be merry and bright, and a festive phone charger allows her to experience the joy of the season without the hassle of hanging lights around the house. No matter whether she’s responding to her boss’ emails, checking her grades, or taking a quick study break, your BFF can keep her spirits lifted with these colorful lights, while her phone charges. As long as she has an iPhone 5/5s or 6, she’s good to go!  This original charger even includes a special blinking feature, to add extra festivity, and can be purchased at for only $16.00!

Photo: DCI Merry Charger/