Style Your Dream Bedroom


Every girl has the ideal image of their perfect bedroom. An ideal bedroom includes an awesome tapestry.Tapestries really complete a room’s overall feel and vibe. The colors can easily pull the concept of the bedroom together. Tapestries from Etsy come in hundreds of different designs, but the most traditional is the mandala design. If your aiming for a cool breezy bedroom vibe, go for a tapestry that has greens and blues. Easily place it over your bed with push pins. If your aiming for a bedroom that’s totally indie, then go for dark greens, burgundies, oranges, and browns. Etsy has great tapestries with all kinds of designs for great prices. FYI: tapestries can be used as a bed cover if your not a fan of it hanging from the wall.

Photo: Etsy

Twitter: Etsy