10 YA Heartthrobs to Fill Your Edward/Jacob Void

Edward and Jacob will always be in our hearts, but ten years post-Twilight, it may be time to find a new crush! We have a whole new roster of heartthrob teams to get excited about this fall. From dangerous bad boys to sensitive sweethearts you’re going to want to set your fangirl meters to ‘Panic’ after checking out this delicious selection of new obsessions!

Wendy Darling

Wendy Darling by Colleen Oakes
Let’s be honest: we’d all fall in love with a devilishly handsome guy who can fly, but at what cost? When the Darling children follow Peter Pan out their nursery window, Wendy happily leaves behind her comfortable life in London and a budding romance with a neighborhood boy for the dazzling, god-like Peter Pan. Charming and beautiful, Peter leads the children to the intoxicating, free world of Neverland filled with mermaids, pirates and magic. But the longer Wendy stays, the more she begins to realize that Peter and the Lost Boys are keeping secrets steeped in greed and blood, and as Peter’s grip on Wendy’s heart tightens, she suspects that the dream island will quickly transform into an eternal nightmare.


Everything Everything

Everything, Everything by Niccola Yoon
Maddy is just like us, and she can’t help but fall for the boy next door. When Maddy meets tall, lean Olly, she can’t ignore the spark she feels… but like all tragic love stories, there’s one major obstacle standing in Maddy and Olly’s way: Maddy has a rare and famous disease that makes her allergic to the world outside her completely sterile home. As the teens open up and fall harder for one another, they are also forced apart for the sake of Maddy’s health, until Maddy realizes that of all the things she’s had to give up, Olly is not someone she is willing to lose. Fans of Hazel and Augusts and Eleanor and Park will root for this couple as they hurdle towards blooming young love and unspeakable tragedy.


Shattered Blue

Shattered Blue by Lauren Bird Horowitz
Magic, action and a really, really attractive love interest… what more could you want? When she returns to an elite boarding school following a family tragedy, boys are the last thing on sixteen-year-old Noa’s mind. That is, until the tall, mysterious and unnerving Callum walks through the door and Noa is swept up in her irresistible desire to be with him. But Callum is keeping secrets, and as a Fae banished to our earthly world, both he and Noa are threatened by their relationship.  As their bond grows deeper and both Callum and Noa struggle to deal with the implications of what it means to be Fae in the human world, Callum is suddenly taken, and Noa must decide if she is willing to risk everything to save their love.


Ten Thousand Skies Above You

Ten Thousand Skies Above You by Claudia Gray
This highly anticipated sequel to New York Times bestselling author’s A Thousand Pieces of You finds Marguerite crossing alternate dimensions to save Paul, the boy she loves. Hoping that their love is enough to reunite them, Marguerite explores the war-torn and criminal underworlds of New York, San Francisco and Paris, uncovering shocking secrets as she races to save the one she loves.


Shades of Doon

Shades of Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon
#TeamJamie and #TeamDuncan may be officially absorbed into an all encompassing #TeamMacCrae in this highly awaited third installment of the Doon series, where Veronica Welling and Mackenna Reid once again find themselves, the kingdom and their relationships in mortal peril. Vee and Kenna, horrified to find themselves dropped back into the modern world alone, with no money or means of getting back to Doon, they team up with the MacCrae brothers once again to get back to their beloved kingdom. But just returning to Doon won’t solve their problems, because the kingdom is in danger from a witch with bad intentions…



Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
Two people destined to be together separated when they need each other most while in deep space… we totally ship it. Kady and Ezra broke up on the worst morning of their planet’s history. It’s 2575, and when the young ex-couples’ planet is invaded and they are evacuated onto separate warships in the midst of an illegal war between two megacorporations, Kady and Ezra are barely speaking. But as the two slowly realize that they may be the only loved ones they have left and work together to figure out what’s really going on, Kady decides to go to the ends of the earth to save the boy she can never really stop loving as they both struggle to be reunited.


Blonde Eskimo

Blonde Eskimo by Kristen Hunt
Love really can be blind. During an Eskimo rite of passage on her seventeenth birthday, Neiva Ellis is catapulted into a mystical and ancient world filled with evil forces that threaten all those she holds close. But Neiva can’t battle the darkness alone, and when a masked prince named Darius is sent from another realm to protect Neiva and help her save both the real and spirit worlds, she feels herself drawn to him even though she cannot see his face. In the end, it may be Neiva’s blind love that saves them and their loved ones from the haunting secrets of the spirit world as she puts her trust in Darius to help her conquer the evil of both worlds.

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After: Companion to the Selection Series by Kiera Cass
Fans of The Selection series, brace yourselves for more Schreave family romance. Before America stole the affections of the handsome, kindhearted Prince Maxon in the nationwide contest to find a bride for the future king, there was a girl named Amberly who won her own Selection years before. But just like her future daughter-in-law America, Amberly wasn’t always in love with the prince, but a palace guard who watched his love slip away to royalty. A collection of four novellas that shed light on the equally beautiful and tragic loves found and lost in the Schreave royal family, fans of the world of Illea will love the histories revealed in Happily Ever After.



Another Day by David Leviathan
Every Day was A’s side of the story—now it’s time for Rhiannon to share hers. Rhiannon doesn’t expect much from her boyfriend Justin, until one day when Justin is… different. For once, Rhiannon feels like Justin really sees her, but after a perfect day together Justin fails to remember anything the next morning. Confused and desperate for another perfect day, it isn’t until Rhiannon learns from a stranger that it wasn’t Justin at all, and that the boy Rhiannon fell in love with again is desperate to get back to her, too…


Persuasion by Martina Boone
Get excited for a new book boyfriend, Eight Beaufort, in Martina Boone’s second installment of the Heirs of Watson Island series. After grieving a family death and betrayal, Barrie Watson returns from San Francisco to find the family plantation under siege, and with the arrival of a strange man with magic who claims he understands the Watson’s gifts, Barrie is unsure what to do. All the while, she battles her undeniable feelings for Eight—caring, dependable, handsome Eight—who is also the one person she’s forbidden to be with. At some point, Barrie is going to have to choose between what she wants and what her family needs, even if it means hurting the one she wants to love the most…