Interview with Frankie Z.

Interview by Zoe Fowler

Glitter recently caught up  with  rising singer,Frankie Z. This amazing singer and performer just finished the Popnation Summer Tour, where he was on tour with Carson Leuders, Round2Crew, Sweet Suspense, Dyllan Murray, The Fooo Conspiracy, After Romeo, Chris Miles, The Bomb DigZ and Katelyn Jae. Glitter asked Frankie what his favorite song to perform, what he’s looking forward to, his upcoming fall projects, and who he’d love to collaborate with. 

IMG_2582GLITTER: What’s been the best part of the tour? Any favorite places this summer you’ve been?

FRANKIE: The best part of the tour has definitely been meeting everybody, you know that’s on the tour and becoming friends with everybody. Of course performing every night for all my fans and meeting new ones and seeing old ones is always exciting but, all around, it’s been an awesome time.

GLITTER: Favorite song to perform?

FRANKIE: I guess my favorite part of my set when I perform would have to be my single “Pop Back”.


GLITTER: Anyone that you are looking forward to or that you would love to collaborate with in the music industry?

FRANKIE: That’s hard. I would love to collaborate with a bunch of people but some of my idols are like Britney, Justin, Usher, Janet…That would be crazy.


GLITTER: What are your plans for fall? What new projects are coming up?

FRANKIE: Well, I’m coming out with my single and I’ll be shooting a music video to that too while I’m in LA. That’s definitely happening. I’m going to be doing more performances and then as far as EP and stuff I don’t have dates for that yet but everything’s in the works.


GLITTER: For the fans that don’t know, where are you from and when did you start getting into singing?

FRANKIE: I’m from New York. I got started singing since I was a kid but professionally since I was about 16-17 and they can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube all at I Am Frankie Z.


GLITTER: We have a self love campaign that big stars like Cody Simpson have chimed in on. Just tell me what self love means to you to inspire our readers.

FRANKIE: I would say self love means to me, and especially in the business that I’m in, it’s about believing in yourself and you know you get turned down a lot and you get a lot of critiques but I feel it’s important to believe in what you do and have good people surround you and know that everyone is special in their own way. You have to really stay true to your heart and what you do and you’ll go a long way.