Interview with Sweet Suspense

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Glitter recently caught up  with one of our favorite girl bands, Sweet Suspense. They just finished the Popnation Summer Tour, where they were on tour with Carson Leuders, Round2Crew, Frankie Z., Dyllan Murray, The Fooo Conspiracy, After Romeo, Chris Miles, The Bomb DigZ and Katelyn Jae. Glitter asked them if they had any pre-rituals before they go out, their favorite song to perform, what fans can expect from them this fall, and their definition of self-love, which we absolutely love! Sage advice from these amazing women! 

GLITTER: Do you girls have any pre-rituals that you do before you go out?

SWEET SUSPENSE: We do! We all have this handshake where me and Summer do something together and then Summer and Bry do a little handshake. Then me and Bry do something together and then we all click feet, three times and do like a booty bump type thing. And then we pray. That’s our thing.


GLITTER: What’s your favorite song to perform?

SWEET SUSPENSE: I think our favorite song to perform is “Gibberish.”  We all love the energy of that song and the vibe. We do interaction with the crowd during that song where they help us, so I think that’s makes it ten times more fun to perform.


GLITTER: What’s been the best part of touring this summer?

SWEET SUSPENSE: I think performing almost every other night is absolutely incredible and we all really enjoy that, but we’ve been on tour with amazing people and we’ve really gotten close to them. It’s so sad because this is the last show. So, we’re all just kind of being super sentimental right now.


GLITTER: What can fans expect from you this fall?

SWEET SUSPENSE: Right after this tour, we’re doing an event in New York called Arthur Ash Kids Day. Then after that we’re going to keep working on our music and we’re putting out our new single, “Money,” soon that was produced by John Feldman who actually did 5 Seconds of Summer’s newest single, which is really cool.


GLITTER: Glitter Magazine has a self-love campaign. Cody Simpson, everyone’s involved with it. What does self-love mean to you guys? You’re all into beautiful makeup and performing, what can you tell fans on loving themselves?

SWEET SUSPENSE: I think self-love to me would mean just being confident in who you are and really just loving yourself because I think that’s very important to be comfortable in your own skin. Not everyone is going to like you, not everyone is going to want the same thing from you and as long as you’re happy with yourself and love yourself then in the end, that’s all that really matters. That’s how you’re going to be happy in life, that’s how you’re going to succeed. So I think just being confident in yourself is the most important thing.

At the end of the day, self-love doesn’t necessarily revolve around, “Oh, I think that I look amazing all the time,” or, “Oh, I think I’m absolutely perfect!” I think self love comes down to “I’m going to make the decisions that I need to make for me and make sure that I’m confident in every single choice I make.”

Whether it’s the type of mascara you use or who you decide to go to prom with, you have control over those things and you have so much input in your own life. You can really make a difference with other people even and I think that self-love comes from making yourself happy first and really loving yourself and taking the time to find who you are and what kind of choices you want make so you can make the best choices for yourself possible.

I think everyone is always searching for love. The thing that people forget is that the first  thing is you have to love yourself. If you’re not accepting of yourself and what you are, then it’s hard to find other people that you can relate to and do other things. It’s really important to love yourself, it’s one the most important things. Plus, I add on with all those other things that the girls said, they’re awesome!