Interview with Katelyn Jae

KATELYNInterview by Zoe Fowler

Glitter recently caught up with Katelyn Jae at the Popnation Summer Tour that also featured artists like the adorably talented, Dyllan Murray, Frankie Z, Round2Crew, Sweet Suspense, Caron Lueders, The Fooo Conspiracy, After Romeo, Chris Miles, and  The Bomb DigZ. Katelyn describes her sound, how she got started in a singing career, her touring highlights, her upcoming projects, and what self-love means to her. Read on to find out more about this talented singer! 

GLITTER: Can you describe your sound to us?

KATELYN: My sound? I’m like an old soul, so I love some old soul. I grew up on Whitney, Christina, Mariah; that’s all my mom listened to, so I would say I’m very soulful. I love like urban, R&B music mixed with pop. So I’m a little bit of everything, you know what I mean? I would hate to pick one genre.

GLITTER: When did you know you could sing and when did you get into it and how?

KATELYN: Well, when I was little, I think I was like three-years-old, I got my first karaoke machine. I used to carry it around the house, so I love singing, but no one ever took me serious. It wasn’t until I was like in the 6th grade, I tried out for solos and my choir teacher was like “Get her some voice lessons” and my mom was like she can sing? I was like I don’t know, I didn’t even know you could get voice lessons. So um, then I just started singing. (laughter)


GLITTER: What’s been the best part of touring this summer? What’s been a couple highlights?

KATELYN: I would have to say, meeting the people. We’ve all become such a family, we’re together 24/7, and so everybody’s like brothers and sisters. And definitely seeing the country. I mean, I saw everything and some people don’t ever get to do that, so I’m very blessed.

GLITTER: Any favorite places that you were just like “Wow, this is beautiful?”

KATELYN: Colorado was beautiful. I’ve been to LA, New York, Atlanta, Philly – major cities, they’re awesome, but to really see nature was amazing!

GLITTER: Awesome! What can fans expect from you this fall or what projects do you have coming up?

KATELYN: This fall, my single’s coming out at the end of the summer called “Perfect” and then my album will be out this fall.

GLITTER: We have a self-love campaign where Cody Simpson and tons of stars have chimed in – I’m just going to video tape you on this one – if you could tell us what self-love means to you.

KATELYN: Self-love means to me believing in yourself and having confidence and being a good person, for sure. Making a difference.