Morning Rush – Overnight Curls with Mimi from LuxyHair


We know the struggle.You need to be ready by 7:30a.m. for school and you have the hardest time waking up. We’ve all been there and we all know the struggle. This is why this quick DIY can save your mornings so with the time you save, you might even be able to take a bite of your breakfast before running out the door. It’s simple, grab any old headband you have lying around (it has to be the elastic headbands that go all the way around your head.) Twist your lightly damp hair onto the headband. Continue until all of your hair is wrapped into the headband. This trick is great for overnight curls because it won’t fall out when you’re sleeping. Overnight curls in general tend to last longer on your hair because it isn’t using heat, it is literally drying your hair into the shape of a curl. Let us know how it works!

Watch YouTuber LuxyHair do the perfect version of the headband curls!

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