Homecoming Isn’t Too Far Off


Most of you will be headed off to the first formal dance of the year in the next couple of months.We got you covered! Trying to look your best and simultaneously not break the bank is a hard task to accomplish and we know the struggle. However, here are some tips and tricks in finding the best dress.

Make sure you know your body and what’s most comfortable. Having a dress that is ill-fitting will only make you uncomfortable throughout the night and you will constantly be adjusting your dress, distracting you from the fun you could be having. There are 3 main types of dresses; babydoll (accentuates your waist), strapless (brings attention to your neckline), and bodycon (overall tight fitting all over.) Take this into consideration when you’re shopping for a dress (especially online.) If you don’t mind showing some skin, go for the bodycon. If you like bringing attention to your waist, try a babydoll. If you have a cute necklace you want to show off or like feeling free up top, grab a strapless dress.