Daisy Strap Dress by Aeropostale

I had so much fun wearing this Daisy Strap Dress by Aeropostale.  This is one of my favorite colors, Alaskan Blue!  Shoes by Kohl’s.It’s a really colorful piece for the season as we go from spring to summer! I love representing real girls everywhere. I’m in High School and this look is young, fresh and classic! It really brings out my cat’s eyes too! Meet Coco! 🙂 She doesn’t always look happy, but trust me, shes purring! lol

Welcome to some of my first lifestyle posts for Glitter Magazine.  You may know, I founded the mag in 2006 with my mom, Nikki Fowler. I’m turning 16 and going into the 11th grade! I have traveled all over the world and I am always looking for my next big adventure with my mom.  We just moved to California, originally from the east coast, and I can’t wait to chill in the OC! (Orange County) I am a student, photographer, writer, model and blogger and I can’t wait to show you all of my fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts and to hear from you!

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