Interview: Marina and The Diamonds

Marina And The Diamonds - Press Photo 1 - Charlotte Rutherford

Glitter recently sat down with Marina from Marina and the Diamonds to talk about her new album, Froot, which just released on March 16th, her “Froot of the Month” strategy, her upcoming tour, how she deals with haters, and her journey from pop to indie. Read on to find out more about this extremely talented singer!

Interview by: @ZoeFowler28

GLITTER: How did you feel when you first came out in the music industry? How old were you? How has your perception changed since then?
MARINA: I was 22 and felt very determined and strong-willed. My perceptions have changed but more about myself and who I am as an artist, rather than about the industry itself.

GLITTER: How excited are you for your upcoming tour including Coachella?
MARINA: Really looking forward to it. I haven’t performed on stage for two years which is a rare position for me. I’m ready to have fun! My stage design is quite surreal. I’m bringing a cool electric Garden with me.

MATD - Album cover (Web friendly)

GLITTER: What are some of your favorite aspects of the new album and singles released?
MARINA: I’m enjoying my “Froot of the Month” strategy. It’s given me the ability to showcase parts of my musicality that I wouldn’t have been able to had I done a traditional release plan. I feel really free creatively and haven’t had to think of commerciality which has been a joy! My favorite aspect is creating a visual world in which the music itself exists in. Scratch ’N Sniff vinyl, monthly videos, social media skins to match the FOTM, GIFs, fan packs! I’m a detail-orientated artist.

GLITTER: Your sound is so original. Who have been your influences musically or some of your favorite artists?
MARINA: My most influential artists were the ones that I listened to early on in my songwriting. I was around 20 when I discovered the Dresden Dolls, The Distillers, Fiona Apple, PJ Harvey, and Kate Bush. They all made a huge, huge mark on me. It was a revelation to find these alternative female voices in my local library. (It cost 25p to rent an album out in 2005. HA!). I was and will always be attracted to uncompromising, unapologetic figures; be that in music, fashion design or business.

GLITTER: How would you describe your sound in just one word?
MARINA: Juicy. Rich!

Marina And The Diamonds - Press Photo 5 - Charlotte Rutherford


Photo credit:  Charlotte Rutherford

GLITTER: What can we expect from your album, Froot, which released in March?
MARINA: Froot is a sonically rich, lush, textured production. It has a contemplative feel, thematically speaking. There are a lot of subtleties on the record. It’s definitely one to delve into and spend time with as it’s rich in melodies. It’s not a cherry-picking affair. I hope for each person to form a personal relationship to it.

GLITTER: What has been your favorite song to record to date and why?
MARINA: “Froot” was extremely fun. It’s so cheeky and celebratory. It represents a big part of who I am as a person. “Primadonna” was also fun for the same reasons. I love it when I have an opportunity to be theatrical.

GLITTER: How has your music changed from “I am not a robot” to now?
MARINA: I think the underlying element in that song is what has remained as part of my identity – identifying and describing odd feelings that are also oddly universal. But sonically I have experimented a lot and I intend to continue to do so. I’m more self-assured now but that comes from feeling that way as a person, rather than feeling that way musically.

GLITTER: How would you describe your journey from pop to indie?
MARINA: Ridiculous. My career path has been ridiculous in the best sense. It’s about to get more ridiculous. I kind of like defying expectations. I get a buzz off it.

Marina And The Diamonds - Press Photo 3 - Charlotte Rutherford

GLITTER: What are some key things you learned along the way about your industry?
MARINA: There is nothing stronger than an artist presenting a message that is 100% true to them, whatever that message may comprise of. It’s irresistible and so rare. I love all kinds of music – trashy to sophisticated – but there are so few artists out there that are genuinely willing to put their neck on the line and create a true artistic statement that tells the world what they believe, what they think about and who they are deep down.

Another key thing is that people always have their ideas of who you are or what they would like you to be. Those ideas are informed by business and by money. Don’t listen to them. Money has no value when you’re creatively poor.

GLITTER: How have you changed from teen idol bottle blonde to now?
MARINA: I’m a lot more stable now and can function in day-to-day life much more productively. I feel like that cloak of pessimism I had was left behind long ago. I really enjoy my life and I want to be part of other people enjoying theirs. Whether that’s through music or performing or some other way.

GLITTER: How do you prepare for a performance?
MARINA: Drink ginger water, do 30 minutes of vocal warming-up and listen to the same playlist my audience listens to.

GLITTER: How do you deal with haters? What advice can you give to teens to rise above the hate?
MARINA: I really don’t get affected much anymore. I think we’re in a digital era where we’re still very much learning about our functionality in that space. I don’t envy teenagers, but I’d say to engage in Facebook etc. as little as possible.

Marina And The Diamonds - Press Photo 4 - Charlotte Rutherford

GLITTER: What do you do on your day off?
MARINA: Have a jog, catch up on boring stuff (LAUNDRY, Food shopping!!). I like renting a bike and going around the parks, going to meet my friends.

GLITTER: You also just recently signed with Select Model Management. Are you branching out more now? Will you be representing any particular brands that you can tell us about?
MARINA: Yeah. I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier. Creating interesting images has been part of what I’ve done for a long time. It’s another way for me to branch out into another creative world.

GLITTER: Who are some of your favorite designers?
MARINA: Vionnet, Valentino, Shrimps, Stella McCartney, and Christopher Kane.

GLITTER: Favorite places to travel?
MARINA: I’d like to go back to Italy and Poland.

GLITTER: What advice do you have for Girls Who Rock?
MARINA: If you already rock, you clearly don’t need any advice.





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