Interview with Megan Lee of Make It Pop!

Megan Lee can be seen playing Sun-Hi in the upcoming Nickelodeon series, Make It Pop!  Megan had roles on iCarly and Brain Surge on Nickelodeon, but Make It Pop is her first lead role. Megan is a triple threat. In addition to acting, she also recently released her first Kpop single, “8dayz,” and she also sang with Jason Maraz. Read on to find out more about this talented actress.



Photo credit: Steve Wilke/Nickelodeon

GLITTER: When did you first start acting?

MEGAN: Always had a passion for acting since I could remember, but I started when I was ten going for short film and commercial auditions in Los Angeles with my mom’s help!

GLITTER: What’s it like being a fresh new face to the Nickelodeon network?

MEGAN: Super blessed & excited to be part of the Nickelodeon family! It’s amazing to be on a network I grew up watching!

GLITTER: What’s it like acting on Nickelodeon’s Make It Pop? Who do you play?

MEGAN: I play Sun-Hi, a Korean-American girl who is a social media expert and dreams of becoming a worldwide star. Being on Make It Pop is so much fun because we get to sing dance and act all in one production which is a dream come true! Working with the cast and crew is also a blast!

GLITTER: What other shows have you been on in the past?

MEGAN: I worked on Crash, the TV series, some Disney shows like Get Connected, Brain Surge & iCarly on Nickelodeon, but Make It Pop is my very first lead role in a series.

GLITTER: Is it true that you’re considered a triple-threat?

MEGAN: I love to sing, dance, and act so I guess I am one! Although I definitely think that I have tons to work on and I hope to grow as a performer everyday.

GLITTER: What can you tell us about your first K-pop single, “8dayz”?

MEGAN: “8dayz” is my first Kpop single ever & it’s released in both Korean and English versions with lyrics about dreaming and creating your own imaginary 8th day adding to the seven days you have in a week! Its a very fun, free-spirited song that is intended to inspire people to live everyday like its a new day!

GLITTER: Do you plan on releasing an album as well?

MEGAN: Yes, we’ll be releasing the music from Make It Pop soon with all of the songs we sing throughout the 20 episodes. I also hope to release my own music as well sometime.

GLITTER: What was it like to play with Jason Mraz?

MEGAN: Surreal~I met Jason Mraz when he had a concert in Korea as a cover contest winner of his songs! He was super nice to even tune the guitar that I also won from the contest for me and we decided to jam to one of his hit songs, ” Lucky”. I actually don’t remember how I was able to sing because I was so nervous at the time but it would also be a dream come true if i can have the honor to share the stage with Jason Mraz one day!

GLITTER: What do you do on your free-time?

MEGAN: I watch movies and hang with my family, go shopping, love to cuddle with my dog, Happy, & write songs with my guitar!

GLITTER: How do you balance school and work?

MEGAN: I finished high school, so now I’m planning to take a few classes in college when I’m not working.

GLITTER: What do you have planned for the upcoming year? Do you have any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

MEGAN: After moving back to LA, I definitely would love to go to school and do more music in between acting as well as finally learning how to drive!

GLITTER: How can fans follow you? 

MEGAN: You can follow me @hellomeganlee on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.





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