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We love asking questions and we love the answers from some of our favorite authors. Today we’re talking to Lydia Kang, author of Catalyst (March 24, 2015; Kathy Dawson Books). Thank you for talking to us today, Lydia! We’re honored!


GLITTER: Do you use your past as a medical doctor in your writing?

LYDIA: Yes, quite often! In my novels, someone always seems to be getting injured. It helps to know how to make the scenes realistic, even if I have to stretch my imagination because the scenes happen 150 years in the future! Also, it was so much fun thinking up all the mutations in Control and Catalyst without having to do a lot of research.

GLITTER: For those not familiar with your writing, how would you describe it?

LYDIA: Adventurous, with plenty of romance, introspection, and touches of poetry. Kind of a weird mix for sci-fi, but it works!

GLITTER: Tell us more about Catalyst. What is it about? Is it a sequel to Control? Can it be read as a stand-alone?

LYDIA: Catalyst is the sequel to Control, and an end to the series. As the title implies, something major happens in the beginning of the book and Zelia’s world implodes. She has to part ways with the family she gained at the end of Control, and she starts hearing the voice of Cy in her head. We meet a new underground “family” she shelters with, and it’s riddled with pretty awful secrets. Somehow, she’s got to reunite with her family and Cy again, but now the whole government is out to get her.

GLITTER: What other writers have you assisted with creating accurate medical scenes?

LYDIA: Let’s see…Megan Miranda, Tara Sullivan, Sarah Fine, Elle Cosimano, C. J. Flood (There’s a Dr. Kang who has a cameo in her book, Infinite Sky), among others. I have to say though, Mindy McGinnis sends me THE goriest questions. They’re awesome.

GLITTER: What has been your favorite scene to write?

LYDIA: I love scenes where you’re introduced to new settings and people. You get to go really wild with your imagination. So I’d say the first time Zelia meets her foster family in Control and the first time Zelia walks through the oasis in Catalyst. Also? Kissing scenes are always fun to write.

GLITTER: What are you working on next? 

LYDIA: I’m working on three different novels at the moment. It’s a little chaotic, but fun! One is fantasy, one is paranormal romance, and one is historical. I can’t seem to stick to one genre. 🙂


author Lydia Kang photographed here by Chelsea Donoho



Lydia Kang is a doctor who decided writing was maybe just as much fun as medicine, so, now she does both. Her debut novel, Control, was published by Dial in December 2013 but Lydia continues to work part time as a physician. She is ACTIVE online, where she often helps writers with medical questions in their books. Code is her second novel. She lives with her husband and three children.






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