Glitter recently sat down with Paige McKenzie to talk about  her new book inspired by her YouTube series, The Haunting of Sunshine Girl, how much of Sunshine Girl is her, if she thinks it’ll be the next YA sensation, what she’s terrified of (PS, we hate clowns ourselves….like hate them), and if that’s really her on the cover of her book. Read on to find out more about this extremely talented teen!


Photo credit:  Levy Morashan

GLITTER: Tell us 5 random facts about yourself.

PAIGE: 1. I was diagnosed with celiac disease at 16 so I eat gluten free, which can be very difficult but my health depends on it so I make it work!

2. My favorite movie is the Keira Knightly version of Pride and Prejudice. I can reenact it for you now if you like…

3. My 2nd favorite movie is totally the other direction – a 1993 comedy called Undercover Blues starring Dennis Quaid and Kathleen Turner. The film is older than me and has a 5.9 ranking on IMDb yet I LOVE it!

4. I call my mom “mum” and have a killer British accent. Or at least I think it is good. Ask a Brit and they may laugh me off!

5. I am obsessed with my eyebrows. And other’s eyebrows. Eyes may be the window to the soul but eyebrows are where the real magic is!

GLITTER: Tell us about your YouTube series, The Haunting of Sunshine Girl. How did you come up with the name?

PAIGE: That was all my mum! She thought Sunshine was perfect for the character and it had a good ring to it! Ironically, it wasn’t until later that any of us realized The Haunting of Sunshine Girl is an anagram for GHOST. Too perfect!

GLITTER: How much of Sunshine Girl is you?

PAIGE: Sunshine and I are very similar…both are gluten free, we are the same height and look very similar. But Sunshine is way braver than me! She is also even more positive and upbeat. Really, just a better version of me!

HauntingSunshineGirl HC cover

GLITTER: Do you think The Haunting of Sunshine Girl is the next big YA sensation? 

PAIGE: I think the world is ready for a new heroine. An “adorkable” butt-kicking girl that chases ghosts instead of boys. A Buffy meets Veronica Mars role model with frizzy hair and the occasional acne.

GLITTER: What are you terrified of?

PAIGE: SO MANY THINGS! Spiders, the dark, heights, small spaces, clowns, people in furry animal costumes, ET… I mean seriously ET. His neck raises, that finger, his voice!! SCARY!

GLITTER: Is that you on the cover of the book?

PAIGE: Yep! My official photographer Levy Moroshan shot that awhile back as a horizontal “floating” photo and my publisher loved it so much they used it for the cover! And the dress is a Betsey Johnson, which I am crazy about!

GLITTER: What has been the toughest criticism given to you? What has been the best compliment?

PAIGE: I don’t get ton of actual criticism, more internet trolls that say stuff like “u make me vomit & u r short & should die” I mean, really… what is the point? And WHO HAS TIME for that!? I do love when kids (or even adults) tell me I inspire them. That I brighten their day or help them to be brave. That is an amazing feeling! 

GLITTER: How many books will be in the series?

PAIGE: At least 2! Fingers crossed… more! 

GLITTER: Is there plans of a movie or TV series?

PAIGE: I do think you will be seeing Sunshine on a screen soon! 🙂

GLITTER: How do you inspire others?

PAIGE: I try very hard to always be “real”, to show my faults and insecurities and show others that being yourself is okay.

GLITTER: What do you call your fans? How can they follow you?

PAIGE: Sunshiners! 












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