Bella King on the first short film she ever directed.

Bella KingYou might recognize Bella King from Red Riding Hood as Solomon’s daughter. Solomon was played by Harry Potter alum, Gary Oldman. Now Bella can be seen behind-the-scenes as a director on her new short film, Unmatched, which she also wrote.  Glitter Magazine recently sat down with Bella King to talk about her movie, Unmatched, her fascination with the creative process, who inspires her, and the pilot she penned. Did you know that Bella is also an excellent pogo-stick jumper? Her record is 1,000 jumps straight. Amazing! Read on to find out more about this amazing actress. 


GLITTER: What was the first show you ever directed?

BELLA: First thing I ever directed was my short film, Unmatched! Which I also wrote!

GLITTER: Tell us about your movie, Unmatched. What is it about?

BELLA: It’s about a young girl, who has faced nearly every bad thing you can think of, but always stays strong, which I think is important. Homeless, alone, and in the city, it’s her story, which is ultimately about hope.

GLITTER: When did your fascination for the creative process begin?

BELLA: Well, I like storytelling and the arts. Put them together and I’m a happy gal! Growing up as an actress & being on set, I LOVED watching the crew & the executives at the monitor. That definitely peaked my interest! I started that six years ago, and to this day, I still think it’s fascinating to know how it all works together!

GLITTER: What movies will fans remember you from the most?

BELLA: Red Riding Hood for sure! I’m a HP Fan, so working as Gary Oldman’s daughter was super exciting for me! I’ve been a ghost from the 80s on Eureka, and I tried to sacrifice Lois Lane on Smallville, but that’s another story….

GLITTER: Who inspires you?

BELLA: I’m inspired by Walt Disney’s life and journey for sure! On top of that, anyone that achieved and surpassed their goals, I think is inspiring in their own way! If it’s what you want,

you don’t take ‘no’ for an answer!

GLITTER: Tell us about the pilot you penned.

BELLA: Ooh! Well, I wrote a pilot when I was thirteen with the guidance of some mentors over the course of a year. It was revisited recently and I just signed a shopping agreement for it, so that’s exciting too.

GLITTER: How do you balance school and acting? 

BELLA: Homeschool is a lifesaver! I do a few hours of school in the morning, eat, then start working! I like to be on top of things, so I try to get ahead when I can.

GLITTER: Any new projects in the works?

BELLA: Actually, Yes! Aside from the pilot being shopped, I’ve got more scripts than I can count! So now, I’m looking at ways to make those happen too!

GLITTER: Do you have a hidden talent or hobby that no one knows about? 

BELLA: I’m an excellent pogo -sticker! I can do backwards, no hands, and other cool stuff. My record is over 1,000 jumps straight!

GLITTER: What is your ideal first date?

BELLA: Nothing specific…I mean, you can’t go wrong with food or a Disneyland date. I’d have to say I’d let them surprise me. Whatever works for the both of you!

GLITTER: What do you enjoy doing on your free time? 

BELLA: I always have music playing, that’s for sure. I’m a big fan of blogs and all things Tumblr. I do a lot of DIYs and watch a lot of movies. It’s fun, and it’s how I learn. In fact, I like blogging about movies. And I like food. And being all healthy, and what not.

You can follow me: @_Being_Bella_ for Twitter & IG,, and

GLITTER: What is your favorite part about the winter season?

BELLA: Sweaters!! Sweater weather is better weather. I LOVE going to thrift stores to pick up the best one-of-a-kind oversized sweaters. Honestly fall is my favorite. Boots, Scarves, Halloween, Football games, pumpkin spice everything…. yeah. I like fall.





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