Glitter recently sat down with singer, Olivia Somerlyn, to talk about what it was like to co-write “Parachute” with Nick Jonas, the album she’s working on, her favorite part about songwriting, and who she’s opened up for in the past. Read on to find out more about this extremely talented singer that we think we’ll be hearing a lot of in the next few years!


GLITTER: What was it like to co-write “Parachute” with Nick Jonas? What is the song about?

OLIVIA: Writing with Nick was an amazing experience. He is such a talented writer and producer. I’ve always wanted to work with him, so it was really such a dream come true to make it happen. When I brought up the concept of “Parachute,” Nick was immediately excited about it and understood exactly what I wanted to say. I wanted to write an empowering song about standing up for yourself using the analogy of a Parachute to illustrate a volatile relationship that you’re not willing to deal with anymore.

GLITTER: Are you working on an EP or album you can tell us about?

OLIVIA: Yes! I have been at the studio almost every day since the beginning of 2015. It feels so great to be back writing and recording music after so much touring and traveling. There are so many concepts and songs that I’ve really wanted to write, and it feels so good to finally have the time to focus on creating new music.

GLITTER: What acts have you opened up for in the past?

OLIVIA: My first tour was the Big Time Rush and Victoria Justice Summer Break Tour. It was so much fun because they’re all so sweet and fun and their fan-bases were so welcoming. Then I had one day off and went straight to the Jonas Brothers Tour. We were already friends and I’ve been a big fan years. I was even able to open for them at the same venue that I had seen them perform at years ago with all my friends! It felt so surreal! Then I toured with Jessie J in the UK who is such an incredible performer, singer, writer, and person. I learned so much from her advice and just from watching her on stage every night. I also toured with Big Time Rush again on their Latin and South American tour which was such a blast!

GLITTER: How would you describe your sound?

OLIVIA: I love to mix organic instruments and singer-songwriter storytelling lyrics with electronic and modern beats and sounds. I write or co-write all my songs, and usually they’re inspired by my own experiences. I want my songs to be empowering and have an overall positive message.

GLITTER: What is your favorite part about songwriting?

OLIVIA: When there’s something negative in my life, I try to use it inspire a song I’m proud of and love to sing. It feels so good to turn the situation upside down. The best part about writing is performing songs I’ve written and hearing the audience sing along with me. It’s the best feeling! I love when people tell me they can relate to my songs or that my songs helped them get through a difficult time.

GLITTER: Who is your dream collaboration with?

OLIVIA: Writing Nick Jonas was something I always wanted to do. It’s such a great feeling to accomplish a goal that I’ve had for so long. I’ve also always loved Coldplay and I love Katy Perry. Working with them would be incredible!

GLITTER: Favorite quote?

OLIVIA: I love posting inspiration quotes on Twitter, so this is a tough choice. One of them is “all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them” – Walt Disney

GLITTER: Dream gig?

OLIVIA: I love SNL and I love doing silly impressions, so I’ve always dreamed of guest hosting SNL!

GLITTER: What do you have planned for the upcoming year?

OLIVIA: Hopefully I’ll be finishing my album or EP very soon and also gearing up for a tour. As much as I love writing and recording, I’ve missed touring and meeting SomerLovers so much!

GLITTER: How can fans follow you? 

OLIVIA: Twitter and Instagram are my favorite ways to connect! I’m @oliviasomerlyn on both. I try to respond as much as possible. I want all my followers to consider me a friend because I consider them my friends! You can also subscribe to oliviasomerlynVEVO on yourube and like my page to stay up to date!





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