Glitter Magazine recently sat down with singer/songwriter, Eden Xo talk about her new single, “The Weekend,” how old she was when she wrote her first song, who she looks up to, what other bands she’s played with, her advice for her teen self , and the one thing her fans might not know about her. Read on to find out more about this amazingly talented singer! 


GLITTER: How old were you when you wrote your first song?

EDEN XO: I was writing poems as a really little kid, 1st or 2nd grade… often I would put melodies to them and just sing them to myself. I never shared them with anyone. It wasn’t til I was 16 that I realized I was a songwriter and wrote and recorded my first proper song from start to finish.

GLITTER: How would you describe your sound?

EDEN XO: I’m inspired by a lot of different genres of music. I love pop obviously, particularly 80’s and 90’s… but I grew up on hip hop because I was a hip hop dancer and at the same time I loved rock… My first concert was Blink 182. I loved how they didn’t give a shit and just had fun with their music, but then they had songs like “Adam’s Song” that were deep and emotional. They inspired me to start my first band. My sound is sort of a mash up of all the styles I’m influenced by.

GLITTER: What can you tell us about your new single, “The Weekend”? Is it going to be a part of a new album?

EDEN XO: It’s a really fun song about feeling like the weekend is every day. Music is a form of escapism, I want people to feel like they’re poolside for 3 minutes of their day.

Eden xo

GLITTER: What song are you most excited for fans to hear?

EDEN XO: “Dirty Blonde.” Which is the title track of my EP! There you go! Cats out of the bag, giving you the exclusive!

GLITTER: Do you think your music/sound has evolved from when you first started singing?

EDEN XO: Yes… It might be hard for people to know what I mean without hearing the album, but there’s some next level stuff happening on my record that I can’t believe I created.

GLITTER: What other bands have you played with?

EDEN XO: I’ve been really lucky to tour with a plethora of incredible artists. With my first band, Shut Up Stella, I played festivals with The Killers, Social Distortion and Muse to name a few… then with Jessie and The Toy Boys I opened up the North American leg of Britney Spear’s Femme Fatale tour with Nicki Minaj and Nervo. I also did an electronic festival tour for a few months with Dj’s like Steve Aioki, Kaskade, Avici and Skrillex… And as of recent, this past holiday season I played a few shows with Wiz Khalifa an Meghan Trainor. Playing shows with other artists is always a blast.

GLITTER: Who is your dream collaboration with?

EDEN XO: Madonna, Annie Lenox, OutKast…

GLITTER: Who inspires you?

EDEN XO: Bad bitches inspire me. Again, Madonna, Annie, Debbie, Whitney, Gaga…

GLITTER: If you could take three things on a deserted island with you, what would they be?

EDEN XO: My dog, my boyfriend and a bikini.

GLITTER: What advice do you have for girls wanting to follow their dreams, but not knowing how?

EDEN XO: The only way to start following your dream is to just start. Take steps every day towards your goals. Let go of fear, you have to be fearless to achieve greatness.

GLITTER: If you could tell your teen self any piece of advice, what would it be?

EDEN XO: My teen self had it together for the most part. I’ve been on my own since I was 16. I had to adapt to an adult world fairly quickly, especially in Hollywood. It was sink or swim. If I had any advice though, it would be to enjoy the ride a little bit more. I think I’ve always been so ambitious and excited and anxious for the next thing that I haven’t stopped to realize all I’ve done. Living in the moment and enjoying the moment is critical, it’s good for your soul. I’m just now learning to do this.

GLITTER: Do you have anything your fans might not know about you?

EDEN XO: I come off like a tough girl, and I am to a certain extent, but I’m vulnerable too. I have insecurities just like everyone else does. I have a softer side musically that they will all get to hear soon. I’m ready to share that part of me.

GLITTER: What do you have planned for the upcoming year? Any new projects in the works that you can tell us about?

EDEN XO: The top of my list right now is shooting my music video for “The Weekend”! I’m so psyched about the concept I’ve come up with for the video and I can’t wait to see it through. It’s going to be amazing!

GLITTER: How can fans follow you?


Instagram: @eden 

Twitter: @edenxo 

Facebook: edenxomusic

I love talking to my fans, so hit me up!





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