Glitter Magazine recently sat down with YouTube sensations, the DeMartino twins to talk about their styles, personalities, how they balance their personal life with their professional lives, the products they can’t live without, and what they have coming up in 2015.


GLITTER: Even though you’re twins, stylistically you’re very different. How would you describe each of your styles and personalities?

NIKI: Gabi is very girly, feminine, chic, and loves to play with pastels, and bows. Then on the other end, I’m very trendy and love just playing with styles. I’m very bold in my style, and it can range from being hipster to boho, and basically everything in between. Although I do like to play with a lot of styles, I am always drawn to more casual/laid back clothes such as distressed denim, flannels, and beanies.

GLITTER: How do you balance your personal life (going to college and having BFs) with your professional life?

GABI: Well it’s definitely hard, since we’re basically trying to a bunch of different things that all don’t necessarily go together. Like going to school, having long-term relationships, and making videos, are all 3 completely different but equally important things. We balance it by always planning ahead and creating an agenda. We make sure we schedule time on the weekends for our boyfriends and personal down time, we make sure during the school week we completely devote to school, and then on Saturdays or Sundays (when we’re not with our boyfriends), we make sure we tape a new video, in which we’d spend the following school week editing and working on along with school.

GLITTER: What’s your favorite subject in college?

NIKI: I’m a Communications major with a journalism minor, so my favorite is definitely English or anything involving writing.”

GABI: I’m also a Communications major, but for an elective I took a class called Costume History, which is for Theatre majors, but it’s my favorite. We learn about fashion and how different trends and styles evolved, and actually get to create pieces of our own.

GLITTER: What are some beauty and hair products that you can’t live without?

NIKI: I definitely can’t live without concealer, or mascara. I use concealer to cover up anything on my face I don’t want every person seeing, like acne, discoloration, or scars. I also couldn’t live without mascara because it does so much in making you look more awake.

GABI: I couldn’t live without lipstick. It’s just my number one favorite make up product and I’m obsessed with it. I use it every day.

GLITTER: How would you both describe your perfect day off?

NIKI: Not having anything to do! I’d get to sleep in until mid-afternoon, and just lay around watching movies or TV shows, being cozy in my bed, and just having a complete relaxing day.

GABI: Definitely going shopping with my friends, baking, or just lying in my bed watching old films– specifically (my favorite) Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

GLITTER: We understand both of you would love to have a clothing line someday. Do you have a name and style you’d like to see on your line?

NIKI: We would love to have a clothing line that reaches out to all different styles. Some clothing lines target only one kind of group, and the same way that we stand distinctly different in our styles, we’d like to have a clothing line involving and reaching out to those completely different styles! There are going to be those girls looking for a feminine, girly, chic outfit, and then there are going to be those girls looking for a cute laid back outfit for school, or a bold trendy outfit for going out. So because of what we’d like to do with the line, we’d definitely name is something like “Different yet alike,” since we are different in our styles, and alike in other ways. Therefore, showing girls we are all girls who love fashion so we are the same in that case, but we are all different in the angles and paths with which we choose to go with our styles.


GLITTER: What is one fashion trend you love this year?

NIKI: I love the 90’s grunge style currently! I love the tight fitted yet laid back tees from Brandy Melville, along with the layering of thin/simple necklaces, and the platform grunge booties from topshop.

GABI: I’m obsessed with high wasted circle skirts paired with thigh high socks. It’s so feminine and chic.

GLITTER: What is one fashion trend you wish never came back, but did?

NIKI: Crocs. I wore them when I was little but I’m glad they never really came back.

GABI: Overalls.

GLITTER: What are some things your fans would be surprised to know about both of you?

NIKI: I suffer from OCD. It’s funny sometimes what my mind can do, but other times it’s a struggle and it’s something I’ve grown up with my whole life.

GABI: I went through a phase where I wanted Demi Lovato eye-brows so I literally made them too thick, arched, and overly filled them in! Haha. Moral of the story– Work with what you have!

GLITTER: What’s on your iPod right now?

NIKI: 50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack. It’s amazing.

GABI: Maroon 5! They’re my fav.

GLITTER: What was it like to meet Vanessa Hudgens?

NIKI: It was so weird, and surreal. We grew up seeing her as Gabriella Montez for  six years on Disney Channel, and then here we were standing and talking to the girl we grew up watching and idolizing. It was weird to see that she’s just a normal girl like us, and that when she was in High School Musical, she was still just a normal girl.

GLITTER: What one piece of advice do you have for teens today?

GABI AND NIKI: Just to be you, and not care what anyone else thinks. If you do you, you’ll be happiest. In high school or middle school, people can be so harsh and try to make you feel bad for doing things you like or being who you are, and in the end, their opinions won’t matter, but yours. Be who YOU want to be.

GLITTER: What do you have coming up in 2015 that you can tell us about? How can fans follow you?

GABI AND NIKI: We’re planning a super huge and exciting meet-up/performance which we don’t want to talk too much about yet! But we are also going to be going to a lot of YouTube events like Beautycon LA and NYC, and try to meet more of our subscribers.





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