Interview with Maddie and Mackenzie!


The Ziegler sisters, Maddie and Mackenzie, are the stars of Lifetime’s Dance Moms. In this interview with Glitter Magazine, the girls discuss their schedule, Dance Moms, their favorite style of dance, favorite charities (Did you know they’re ambassadors for the Starlight Children’s Foundation?), the best thing that’s happened to them since being on the show, and what it’s like to work with Miss Abby. Want to know how to follow them, their definition of a Glitter girl and what Mackenzie thinks about being the youngest girl on the show, then read on.

GLITTER: What’s it like being on Lifetime’s Dance Moms?
MADDIE: It’s really fun and a great experience to be on Dance Moms because I get to dance more, travel to different cities, and be with my team and dance teachers.
MACKENZIE: It’s really weird watching myself on TV, but it’s also fun travelling everywhere and meeting new people.

GLITTER: Is the schedule hectic?
MADDIE: My schedule is hectic because I have to fit in singing, piano, acting, school lessons and of course DANCE almost every day. Being home schooled makes it so much easier!!
MACKENZIE: My schedule is very busy on most days. Every day I do school work and dance.

GLITTER: What’s it like working with Abby?
MADDIE: It’s great working with Abby because she challenges me and makes me a better dancer everyday.
MACKENZIE: It’s fun working with Miss Abby because sometimes she’s silly in class.

GLITTER: What has been the best thing that has happened to you since being on the show?
MADDIE: The best thing that has happened to me since the show started is getting amazing opportunities. I never thought I’d be a role model to kids and having people cheer for me every week!
MACKENZIE: The best thing that happened to me since being on the show was going to the Teen Choice Awards two years in a row!

GLITTER: Do you ever watch yourself on TV?
MADDIE: I never watch myself on TV because I’m very critical of myself and nothing is ever perfect from my perspective.
MACKENZIE: I never watch
myself on TV because I live it. It’s like I already saw it.

GLITTER: Sometimes when watching Dance Moms it seems like the mothers are pushy. Are they really like that or is it all for show?
MADDIE: The moms can be pushy at times, but they all have their good moments.
MACKENZIE: Sometimes the moms are pushy, but they are also really nice.

GLITTER: How close are you to your mom?
MADDIE: I’m a Mommy’s girl. Yes, we argue, but we’re best friends. We do everything together and she makes me laugh. She’s my biggest fan!
MACKENZIE: My mom and I are very close. I love her!

GLITTER: Mackenzie, what’s it like being the youngest on the show?
MACKENZIE: It’s not the best being the youngest because the older girls

always tell me what to do.

GLITTER: Do you get along with the other girls, still?
MADDIE: I get along with all the girls on the team. We are all one big family. We are together all the time, even when we aren’t filming.
MACKENZIE: Yes, we are all like sisters!

GLITTER: Have your friends and family changed since your fame with Dance Moms?
MADDIE: Not really, I still get treated the same way from when I wasn’t on TV.
MACKENZIE: Everybody still treats me the same.

GLITTER: Can you tell us anything interesting about the upcoming season without giving away any spoilers?
MADDIE: We just started back, so we don’t really know. There’s going to be drama and surprises. You’ll just have to wait and see.
MACKENZIE: Well, we just started filming the new season, so you have to watch and see.

GLITTER: What is your favorite style of dance right now?
MADDIE: My favorite styles of dance are tap and contemporary.
MACKENZIE: My favorite style of dance is ACRO gymnastics.

GLITTER: Do you want to dance for a long time, or try something new later?
MADDIE: I want to dance forever and would love to act and be on Broadway.
MACKENZIE: I would like to dance for a long time.

GLITTER: What is your definition of a Glitter girl?
MADDIE: A glitter girl is someone who loves sparkles, rhinestones, gems and glitter!!
MACKENZIE: A glitter girl is someone who wears a lot of sparkles and loves sparkles, like me.

GLITTER: How can your fans follow you?
MADDIE: I have a twitter, instagram and vine. My Twitter is maddieziegler, my instagram is @madisonziegler1313 and my vine is maddieziegler13
MACKENZIE: My instagram is @princesskenzieboo13  and my twitter is @Mackenzieboo13.

GLITTER: Do you ever give back to charity? If so, how?
MADDIE: Yes, we like to raise money for charity.  For example, we do master classes and fundraisers for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, which my sister and I are ambassadors for.
MACKENZIE: Yes. Maddie and I did not have a Christmas list last year. We asked my Mom if we could go shopping for the kids at Children’s Hospital. We had a blast!!

GLITTER: Do you have a favorite organization?
MADDIE: My favorite charity is Starlight because the kids are awesome. I admire them because they are all sick but have such a great attitude!!
MACKENZIE: My favorite charity is Starlight Children’s Foundation.