Interview with Meaghan Martin on her role in Geography Club

Glitter Magazine recently sat down with Meaghan Martin to discuss her role in Geography Club, why she thinks this movie is important for teens, and if she could tell her younger self one thing in high school, what it would be.


GLITTER: Who do you play, and what can you tell us about this movie?
MEAGHAN: I play Trish in Geography Club. The movie is about Russell Middlebrook (played by Cameron Deane Stewart) as he’s discovering himself and his sexuality in high school. It’s a coming of age and coming out story. My character has a bit of a crush on Russell and doesn’t understand why his feelings aren’t reciprocated.

GLITTER: What interested you in being a part of Geography Club?
MEAGHAN: I first read the script for Geography Club before my first audition. I loved the story and thought it was told very well. I felt an attachment to Trish. Sometimes when I read a script I am automatically drawn to a character. I felt that here. I like the humor she brought to the film. She may not be the brightest, but she’s a lot of fun!

GLITTER: Why do you think it’s important for teens to watch this movie?
MEAGHAN: I think Geography Club is important because of how relevant it is. There isn’t a movie out there like this one. It’s a family movie that’s meant to open the discussion about sexuality. On the other side, it’s also a movie about finding yourself. I think this film will help teenagers realize they’re never alone. Whatever it is that makes you feel weird or different, just know, a lot of other people are having those same feelings.

GLITTER: If you could tell your younger self one thing in high school, what would it be?
MEAGHAN: If I could tell my high school self something it would be to not care so much. Stop caring what everyone else thinks of you. I was always worried I was going to do something wrong or make everyone think I was stupid. I now know that thinking that was stupid.

GLITTER: Do you have a favorite school subject?
MEAGHAN: I have always been an English Literature nerd. I love reading.

GLITTER: What other projects are you working on?
MEAGHAN: I just finished another indie film called Senior Project where I co-star with Vanessa Marano, Kyle Massey, Sterling Beaumon and Ryan Potter. I also am working on a video game called Until Dawn.

GLITTER: Do you hang out with anyone outside of set?
MEAGHAN: I hang out with a lot of the Geography Club cast outside of set. I’m really good friends with the whole cast. I have known Ally Maki and Allie Gonino for years because we were on 10 Things I Hate About You on ABC Family together, so it was nice to be reunited!

GLITTER: Do you have any hidden talents?
MEAGHAN: Hmm… I don’t know! I love to bake and I like to think I’m pretty good at that, I suppose that’d be my hidden talent.

GLITTER: Are you active on social media? Can fans interact with you?
MEAGHAN: I’m on instagram! My username is Meagm17. Also, if you search Meaghan Martin on Facebook, I have a fan page where I post pictures and updates! =]

GLITTER:  If you could co-star with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why?
MEAGHAN: Oh man! Out of anyone dead or alive, I suppose it’d be William Shakespeare, in one of his plays, of course, hahaha.