Interview with Justin Deeley on his role in Geography Club

Glitter Magazine recently sat down with Justin Deeley to talk about his role in Geography Club, his favorite roles to play so far, including Paul on Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva, which jut got picked up for a sixth season (yay!), and what he does on his time off. Hint: he loves football and romantic comedies. No, really. He does. Read on to read all about Justin Deeley.

GLITTER: Who do you play in the movie, Geography Club? What’s the movie about?
JUSTIN: I play Kevin Land, who is the superstar quarterback with dreams to play in college and maybe someday the NFL, but is struggling with his sexual identity and what it may mean for his future.  The movie is about high school kids struggling with this idea of identity, and the bigger message I think is no matter what you are going through, you are not alone.

GLITTER:  How alike or dislike your character are you?
JUSTIN: I would say I’m a lot like Kevin in more ways than I’m not, especially when I was 17-years-old.  Kevin is a shy, driven, hard-working kid who comes from a great home with loving parents.  And when I was 17, my dream was to play football in college and someday the NFL.  The biggest difference was the sexuality aspect, which was what made Kevin such a challenging and enjoyable character to explore.  That struggle of trying to understand what is going on with me, and why am I having these feelings for another guy, and I’m a football star, “whats wrong with me?”  It made Kevin my most challenging roll thus far in my career, and also my most proud.

GLITTER:    Do you have any embarrassing moments on set you can share with us?
JUSTIN: Well there was the time when I…nah I better not tell that story! 😉

GLITTER:    What can you tell us about any upcoming projects you have?
JUSTIN: Drop Dead Diva got picked up for a 6th season, so early next year I head back to Georgia to start filming, and cannot wait! to get back with that group of people and start up again.

GLITTER:    Are you on any social networks fans can interact with you on?
JUSTIN: Yes. On twitter my handle is @justindeeley76.

GLITTER:    What has been one of your favorite roles to play so far?
JUSTIN: All the roles I love really.  Kevin was such an enjoyable experience as far as the work that I did with him, and plus I got to play football in front of a thousand extras, so that took me back to some wonderful high school memories.  And Paul on Drop Dead Diva is just a blast.  I mean I get to play a big kid on TV; I’m luckiest guy in the world.

GLITTER:  What do you enjoy doing on your time off?
JUSTIN: Well given that football season is in full swing, that pretty much takes care of my weekends.  But other than that, low key things really.  I’m more of a sweatpants wearin’ Saturday night kinda guy.  Play some guitar, occasionally a nice little dive bar and some good friends is all I need.

GLITTER: Right now, you’re on the Lifetime hit show, Drop Dead Diva, playing Jane’s guardian angel, Paul. What’s that like and how do you get into character for that show?
JUSTIN: I feel so damn lucky to get to work with the people I do, and I get to do it for another year! It is a wonderful family out there in Georgia (where we film) and I cannot wait to go back.  When I look at a scene for Paul, I sometimes just think, “if I were six years old, how would I do this?”

GLITTER:  Do you have a secret crush on anyone?
JUSTIN: Well sure. Don’t we all?

GLITTER: What’s your guilty pleasure?
JUSTIN: A solid Romantic Comedy gets me everytime

GLITTER: Do you have any hidden talents?
JUSTIN: I really wish I did!

GLITTER:  If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing?
JUSTIN: Teaching English and coaching High School football.