Ask an Expert interview with Keaira LaShae, fitness expert and host of the Movie! series on Daily Burn!

Glitter recently sat down with fitness expert, Keaira LaShae, to pick her brain on how to stay motivated during the holiday season and what our readers can do to tone their body. Her advice is invaluable so keep reading!

GLITTER: What made you decide to get into the fitness industry?

KEAIRA: The fitness industry actually kind of chose me. I’ve always been into being very active so I decided to post fun dance workout videos online and things just blew up from there. I’m a singer/dancer so I feel that it’s important to be in shape and have plenty of stamina in order to have a successful performance.

GLITTER: What is it like to host your own show on Daily Burn?

KEAIRA: It’s a very humbling yet fun experience to be able to host my own series on Daily Burn. Doing what I love and sharing it with others is a dream come true!

GLITTER: Can you describe your fitness program “Move!” on Daily Burn? What does it entail and how can people follow along?

KEAIRA: My MOVE! Series is designed for people to burn calories and lose weight all while having a blast. I created a variety of fun and trendy dance moves to get people to be active and fit because I want them to enjoy getting in shape and not feel like they are being tortured. 

GLITTER: Can you tell us about your dance studio, Street Beatz? Where is it located and how can others join?

KEAIRA: Street Beatz was located in San Antonio, Texas. I closed it down because I moved to LA. So, right now everyone has to learn from me online or whenever I travel to a city near you.

GLITTER: What choreographers have you worked with or trained with?

KEAIRA: I’ve worked with tons of major choreographers like Travis Payne (Michael Jackson), AJ (Usher), Laurie Ann Gibson (Lady GaGa), just to name a few.

GLITTER: Can you tell us about your upcoming health and fitness app?

KEAIRA: My app content will include everything from my music/videos all the way to customized meal plans, fitness videos and everyday inspirational quotes! It will be done early 2014 so stay tuned.

GLITTER: What is one of your favorite recipes that you can share with our readers?

KEAIRA: One of my favorite recipes is teriyaki glazed yellowfin tuna steak with chipotle seasoned broccoli and a side of sweet potatoes. It’s so flavorful and filling but still low in fat and calories. You don’t have to eat bland foods to be healthy. I love to enjoy my meals. 

GLITTER: Nowadays you see a lot of younger children and teens struggling with their weight. What advice do you have for them? How can they change their diet without it being too drastic that they won’t stick with it?

KEAIRA: My advice for the youth is always to try and surround yourself with positive people that support you. It’s always easier when you have people that can help push you whether they are right there with you or people online like myself.  A cool way to change your diet is to find tasty but healthy replacements for the not so good snacks that you may normally eat. You have to keep in mind the goal that you want to accomplish and go for it. Even make a vision board so it’s right there on your face every day! That helps a lot because it makes you accountable. That’s something I do to help keep me focused and pushing forward.

GLITTER: What exercises do you recommend for an all around toned body?

KEAIRA: I would definitely recommend dance fitness because it helps you tone the entire body or try high intensity total body weight training, which are two of my favorite ways to exercise!

GLITTER: What are the best exercises to do to get a bikini body by summer and how many reps should they be doing? Is less more in terms of repetition?

KEAIRA: Bicep and tricep curls for sexy arms (10- 12 reps/ 4 sets)

– Ab exercises like oblique twists and standing crunches for a flat tummy (50-100 each)

– SQUATS SQUATS SQUATS!!!! For an amazing pair of legs and of course the booty! (12-15 reps/ 4 sets)

In terms of repetition, it really depends. If you want to shred, then I suggest more reps with lighter weight. If you want mass then you would do heavier weights and less reps.

GLITTER: What are some tools that our readers can use to break the chain of obesity?

KEAIRA: Healthy cooking recipes and tips, fun exercise resources that they can follow and creating a support group to help keep the focus and motivation high!

GLITTER: Do you have any fun, yummy holiday recipes that our readers can indulge in during the holidays that isn’t high in calories, but lots of flavor?

KEAIRA: I love mashed sweet potatoes from scratch with cinnamon, some pumpkin spice and nutmeg. You can add a little vanilla flavored almond milk and you’re good to go! Taste like grandma’s sweet potato pie without the calories! 

GLITTER: What advice do you have for someone who wants to give up and has a hard time losing weight?

KEAIRA: My advice is to stick with something you actually enjoy as far as workouts and healthy food options so you don’t feel forced. Remember that it is challenging and that you may fall, but get right back up and keep trying! The results are well worth it for your mental, physical and emotional health. So keep pushing through!

GLITTER: What new year’s resolution do you have?

KEAIRA: I just want to continue being fit and active and to motivate more people this year than I did last year. I’m also making it a resolution to stay disciplined while on my upcoming 60-city tour by consistently working out and eating healthy!