Effortless Extentions


Effortless Extensions has teamed up with Sally Beauty Supply! You can now find different styles and colors at Sallysbeauty.com!

These are the ONLY hair extensions that don’t require glue, clips, or threads, which means more comfort for YOUR hair!

This is perfect if you decide to do something great with your hair, such as donate to Locks of Love, and still want long hair. This provides you will real-looking hair, at a reasonable price, to make the growing process much simpler.

** Allows consumers to wash, dry and curl hair – as they would with their natural hair.

** No harmful glues and no too-tight braiding for weaves that cause stress on the hair follicle.

Make sure to check out their website, here!

What are you waiting for? Long, luscious locks are right at your fingertips.