Interview with Kira Kosarin

Glitter recently sat down with Kira to discuss Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans, her character, Phoebe, how she and Jack Griffo, who plays her brother, Max, on the show, have known each other for three years before the show began, who her inspirations are, her advice for others who want to get into acting, and what she’s up to next. Did you know her parents were on Broadway? Neither did we! Read on to find out more about this fabulous actress.

Glitter: So, I talked to Jack and he explained that you guys had known each other for three years before you even started working together! I was so surprised!

Kira: Yes, we have known each other for 3 years total now. We moved within 1 week of each other. Isn’t that weird? We’ve really gotten a lot like real brother and sister since the show started, to the point where people ask us in public if we really are!

Glitter: That’s so fun! You get to work with someone that you already knew!

Kira: Exactly. When I found out that he was auditioning for the show, I already had the part. He texted me and he was like, “I’m auditioning for your show!” and I was like, “AWESOME!!”

Glitter: So is it hard having this rivalry going on in the show?

Kira: Oh! Not at all! He teases me nonstop, and we are totally siblings in real life. We drive each other crazy one minute, and then the next we are family. It comes pretty naturally that we can tease each other on the show.

Glitter: That’s so cool. That way it can be real, and it’s not really acting. Well, besides having super powers… Unless you do! I’m not judging!

Kira: I actually do have super powers in real life. Just don’t tell anybody.

Glitter: OK, I won’t put that in. 😉 So what was your first real acting gig? Tell me how you got started.

Kira: I started doing an acting on camera work shop. And at that point, I knew I wanted to perform and act because I was dancing and doing gymnastics, and singing and stuff, and I was thinking about doing theater because my parents did Broadway! But then I did this acting on camera workshop, and I fell in love with it immediately. I knew it was what I wanted to do.

I found out there were doing a summer workshop here in California, so I came out here and we decided it would be a good idea to come out here and try to act and start auditioning.

I will never forget my first audition, I didn’t even right my name on the sign in sheet because I was so nervous! I was sitting there for an hour, mentally preparing myself. I was so scared.

I did auditions, and ended up here. It’s been a really, really cool journey over the past three years.

Glitter: Wow! And here you are with your own TV show. Did you ever imagine that?

Kira: It’s funny because when I first moved here, everyone asked me, “If you could pick one job to start working on, what would it be?” And I’ve always said “I want to do a Nickelodeon show.” When I was 10 or 11 back in Florida, we got an email that there was an open call for Nick, and I had a ballet rehearsal that day and I couldn’t go. I cried for a day, thinking it was my only chance and what if I never get a chance to audition for them again! But then my dad said, “Don’t worry. If you really want to do this, it will happen eventually.”

Glitter: Wow. That’s amazing. So your family has already been in this business a little bit because of theatre! Were they really supportive?

Kira: They are unbelievably supportive in this whole thing. To be able to pick up and move across the country for this crazy dream is just so amazing. I’m really grateful. They knew what it takes, they knew it was gonna be hard work. They were a little weary, but they were so supportive.

Glitter: Are you nervous about the fame part of acting?

Kira: There is so much focus and energy to putting in the show, I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s received and what people will think once it’s really on the air. I don’t know! There is no way to really know what will happen, so we’ll see!

Glitter: What has been the most difficult role for you to play so far? Would you say this one?

Kira: You know, I would call this role a lot of fun to play because Phoebe and I are so similar in a lot of ways, it gets to the point where a cast member will say, “You really are Phoebe!” because I really am so much like my character.

Glitter: So how do you get into that mindset of Phoebe?

Kira: You have the wardrobe, and the set, and the hair and makeup! My hair is always a little bit curlier than I wear it, and even those little things make me think, “Oh, OK! I’m Phoebe today, and go into this living room that is now mine and I’m going to be her today!” So it really helps.

Also, not having the script on set anymore and just knowing the words and being with the rest of the cast really starts to feel real.

Glitter: Who would you say are some of your inspirations?

Kira: I was always watching Nick shows. Miranda Cosgrove, Victoria Justice, all of those girls, I really looked up to. I wanted to sing like them, and I used to watch the theme songs of their shows and teach myself the choreography. This is something I’ve always dreamed of doing.

Glitter: What would you say your advice would be for teens wanting this career?

Kira: I would say train. Go to class. Find a good acting school that you love, because it’s work and it’s hard, but if you really enjoy doing it, it can be a really fun career to try.

Glitter: What is next for you? Do you have any other gigs coming up?

Kira: You know, people keep asking me what’s happening after this, where am I gonna be, and I’m like, “I’m 16!!” and right now I’m applying to colleges, so we’ll see! I really want to keep my education going, I really want to do that at some point. I’m just enjoying the show. We’ll see when we get there.